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One day I'll find someone, someone who will hold my hand, knowing for a moment I won't have to face the world alone.

Never stop holding my hand, or wrapping me up around my waist and pulling me into you. Never stop kissing me the way you do. I love you with an open vulnerable heart. Oxoxo

Hold my hand. And walk with me....not in front of me six feet like you are ashamed to walk with me.

He kissed my forehead this morning, makes me laugh every day, says he's sorry when he's hurt me, he holds my hand when we're on dates, he gets me and lies when he doesn't, and is a damn hard worker... I LOVE HIM

The answer to why I lie... I don't trust that you love me enough to see my ugly parts and still be there. Don't give up on me. Do you love me enough to hold my hand and work through my trust issues with me? I will show you more me as I trust more you. You make me want to be a better person.

someone would have to hold my hand the entire time though haha and id probably scream myself hoarse

Please? Will you hold my hand and be silent, and maybe just maybe kiss me sometimes

Played this over and over and over and wore it out!! Most of my records came from Lays Potato Chip promo in the 60s when they'd put a 68 in the chip bag.

I was really sore last night and my lovely Fiance just sat next to me holding my hand :) how he is mine I don't know!

I love my husband. Especially in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. He holds my hand and for some reason it makes me fall right to sleep.

"Hold my hand..." | Anime Girl

Awesome --- this wouldn't help me. i can't cut a straight line because i can't hold my hand perfectly still. so why have a damn laser on it?

when a child takes your hand. smooth skinned little hand in your hand ploughed by life

OP says: My cat meows until I stop what I'm doing and hold his hand. Then he sits there and purrs. How cute!?!

i dont think holding hands is a symbol of being together. its a symbol of love and saying " If I go on this journey, I want you to be by my side. Forever and always"

This is all I want from a relationship.. A guy who accompanies me on adventures and holds my hand if I might fall (because sometimes he can be a gentleman)

Please hold my hand * always!!!!!!

Awe!! sometimes, I make nick hold my hand when we skate :)

Just hold my hand until the pain passes. ~Yuki to Isys

Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone's hand is the beginning of a journey. At other times, it is allowing another to take yours

He looks like Cas here, he's so serious. "Dean. Dean, I don't understand. Why do I need to twirl in a circle while holding my hands over my head? Dean?"

That's true, when I hold my first child, our daughter in our arms and she still is. Not only a daughter, but also a friend to laugh with, to go shopping, watch different kinds of sports, go out by night in te city (hihi), etc. etc. I got the same feelings for our other daughter of course!

Hold my hands ♥ true love, sweet love, couple