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Here are some very useful tips and tricks on how to secure your home and keep it safe from burglars!

Quick home security upgrades that could save you and your family from burglaries, robberies, and home invasions this holiday season. | Getty Images |

Canary - Smart home security device for everyone.

Because.... who doesn't love furniture with hidden compartments! Designs with home security, theft protection, and disaster preparedness in mind!

The many layers of home security Scroll through this interactive graphic to learn how to keep your home safe. Mon, Jul 15 2013

Emily: Great to see this image on how to protect your home from crime; easy ways to increase your home security...

4 Amazing Fingerprint Door Locks & Deadbolts | Biometric Home Security Reviews

BRILLIANT Home Security tips-put a zip tie in your garage door opener and it will prevent someone from entering. A must read. Place zip tie in two holes where pull down string is and release arm. Prevents 6 second coat hanger break in, yet pull down string can be yanked hard enough to break zip tie in an emergency to release arm!

NIGHTLOCK Security Door Barricade helps prevent door Kick ins, Burglary and Home Invasion. Best Do It Yourself Home security solution. Protect your family and property. Stop violent and desperate criminals before they enter your home. Alarm systems just make noise and report burglaries, Nightlock barricade helps keep them outside . Nightloc...

Shatter Safe Security Window Film for your home, business or vehicle. Available clear, or tinted!

Lock the Door on Theft - Home Security Tips Infographic

The Homestead Survival | Garage Security Tips | Homesteading & Home Security