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Homemade Furniture Polish

Homemade toilet cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, furniture polish, and carpet cleaner. Cool! All ingredients I already have at home.

Homemade Furniture Polish

Ingredients ¾ c. olive oil ¼ c. distilled vinegar ¼ of the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon or 2-3 drops of lemon essential oils Instructions Mix well. Store in a container (in the fridge if you choose to use fresh lemon juice). Apply a little amount with a lint-free cloth and buff well to shine.

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Cheap Homemade Furniture Polish Put the ingredients in a bowl. 2 Mix well. 3 With a soft cloth, apply this on your furniture. 4 Immediately wipe off with a dry soft cloth. 5 Lo and behold- your furniture will shine like new! 6 Repeat as much as you like, for all your furniture.

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Homemade Furniture Polishing Spray

Homemade Furniture Polish: Add four tablespoons lemon juice, three tablespoons water, and two teaspoons of olive oil to a spray bottle, shake thoroughly, and you've gotten a blissfully simple and aromatic furniture polish.

Homemade Furniture Polish is a very easy one to make with just a couple products that you probably already have in your house.

All that wood needs cleaning and polish, right? homemade furniture polish cleaner, diy furniture polish, green cleaners

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