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Homemade Pools

Natural Homemade Swimming Pool Cleaners thumbnail borax or baking soda to balance ph

Homemade SPF with coconut oil - and it's good for your skin! No toxic chemicals!! Will need this for the pool this summer.

Via Etsy. Each Diaper is individualy wrapped with ribbon and glued in place. This basket is filled with baby goodies, including homemade washcloth lollipops. I think the handle is a wrapped pool noodle! ADORBS!

Homemade noodle rings can be used to play a host of games, including catch and human ring toss. To make ring, cut a toilet paper tube lengthwise. Roll it up and insert it into a thin (2 1/2-inch-wide) hollow pool noodle. Attach the other end of the noodle and secure it with duct tape.

Whipped Body Butter � Homemade Lotion. Use before swimming in chlorinated pool. Must always rinse off before entering pool. sweat and oils keep chlorine on the skin.

giant bubbles from a hula hoop and baby pool! Photo Jul 27, 2011 8:09 PM by Lindsay Redd, via Flickr

DIY Toys - Love the Pool Noodle Light Sabres! No instructions but pretty easy with some silver and black duct tape :-)

Hay bales, tarp and water..homemade easy and awesome pool idea. NO POOL NO PROBLEM!

Homemade Porta Potty -- good idea for camping or after severe weather hits. A 5-gallon bucket, a section of pool noodle, and a trash bag. Even a handy place for tissue.

homemade bubble solution in kiddie pool with, stand on stool and use hoola hoop as "wand"

Slick homemade pool puts a whole new spin on dumpster diving | DVICE

Strictly Homemade: Pool Noodle Fall Wreath

Sew Towel wraps...cute for the summer after getting out of the pool

Simple easy cheap homemade above ground solar pool heater free energy (Installer un chauffe-eau pour la piscine en boyau noir)

Outdoor crafts like yard twister, tic-tac-toe, homemade sprinkler, and bike wash from pool noodles, to name a few.

Easy Homemade Pool Fountain Using PVC Pipe

Homemade pool sprinkler. Used 2 inch PVC, female, elbow and cap. 5 holes drilled into cap and one drilled in pipe underwater.

Best tutorial For These Tents !! Tent made with hula hoop and flat sheets...fantastic for kids room. I would make a cabana for next to my pool to take off my swimsuit so it doesn't drip throughout the house!

Homemade Halloween Decorations are the BEST: Halloween Wreath using a pool noodle

Homemade Pool Chemicals thumbnail