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Homemade swimming pool. haha

Whipped Body Butter � Homemade Lotion. Use before swimming in chlorinated pool. Must always rinse off before entering pool. sweat and oils keep chlorine on the skin.

Natural Homemade Swimming Pool Cleaners thumbnail borax or baking soda to balance ph

Homemade Swimming Pool Solar Heating System

Homemade swimming pool...pretty cool and re-usable materials for a cob home yard.

Savings Tips- Making your Own Pool Chemicals- did you know that you can maintain your swimming pool using "homemade" pool chemicals rather than expensive storebought counterparts? Here's how:

Kickin' it in the sticks .... Redneck hay bale pool!! Wanna make one? Country Party Pool! Here's all you need: Bales of hay Large tarp Rope Water hose BOOM! #redneck #pool #party

homemade driving toys for the swimming pool

My homemade iron/rust remover for pool. It works well as you can see all the nasty gook in the top. We now have clearer water. VERY EASY to make. Gallon water jug, drill holes in bottom, pack it tight with quilt batting the kind thats like a mat, hook it up to the return hose. WHAALAA . When u turn it off, REMOVE from pool but keep it above water line. When starting up do it outside, as some of the rust settles and will shoot out in the pool. You r done swimming in chocolate milk.

  • Jen Blausey

    ****UPDATE**** Just make one, it also removes cloudiness, and oily films from tanning oil or bug spray. This thing is amazing!!!!