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"The Shining" 1980 Directed by: Stanley Kubrick Horror / Psychological Horror / Haunted House Film / Supernatural Horror

Misty Day | These "American Horror Story: Coven" Minimalist Posters Are Amazing. I can't believe she died... :'(

American Horror Story. Why do I find this sort of thing so freaking hilarious?!

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"The Lost Boys" > 1987 > Directed by: Joel Schumacher > Horror / Horror Comedy / Teen Movie

Man, I wish they would have just one large marathon of every single season right before Season 4 comes out in October. I would be in American Horror Story HEAVEN!

Tate from American Horror Story ♥

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'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' has become a classic film and has gained a massive following. Around Halloween every year, different theaters screen the movie, while audience members sing, dress up and even act out the movie.

What more can I say?/f6/44/9b/f6449bd063921aa2f06e2c22e14e98b1.jpg

Released in 1978 (franchise consisting of 10 movies). You can't have a scary movie collection without John Carpenter's Halloween and the "scream queen" Jamie Lee Curtis. These movies are so predictable and follow every cliche that ever existed, however a classic is a classic and if they keep making them, I will keep watching them!

Tim Curry photographed by Mick Rock during the filming of Rocky Horror

It’s official: Next Season is American Horror Story: Freak Show.  Are you ready?

Scene from movie based on another case investigated by Ed & Lorraine Warren, The Conjuring.

The Walking Dead - Repostered

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