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running crayons through a hot glue gun! Looks so fun! I bet I could get the gun clean again don't you?

Popsicle sticks & hot glue gun - mini pallet coasters! - Cute Decor

use a hot glue gun and spray paint when dry, great for mason jars or tomato sauce jars that you would normally throw out!

Home decor on a budget! Tin can.. Pearls.. Hot glue gun Tre chic!

No-Slip Trick Put hot glue on the bottom of your child's slippers to keep him or her from slipping.

Making textured rollers with a hot glue gun. easy homemade texture backgrounds with ink?

All you need is toilet paper cardboard rolls, hot glue gun and a picture frame! Might make this a mothers day gift

Stick a crayon in a hot glue gun, and see what happens. I'm buying every tin of used crayons I see at garage sales this summer for this project. I'm imagining some seriously cool relief paintings now. OUTTA MY WAY.

How to make a hot glue gun faux bois stamp 3

Supplies: Fabric, scissors, hot glue gun, and Chinese lanterns.

Hot glue gun/ canvas craft! Homemade wall art. I would definitely spray paint over it to make it look prettier afterwards.

Use silicon pot holder as glue gun mats. Use a surge protector to plug in a lamp & glue gun. When the lamp is on so is the glue gun. Safely.

Melted crayon wall art. Use a hair dryer to melt crayons, or stick them in a hot glue gun.

How to make a custom hot glue gun stand with sugru www.clubchicacirc...

Hot glue gun word or design on plastic paper protector...peel, place, spraypaint, remove and Wa-lah!!

Crayon pencil cup for teacher Valentine's gift. Made using soup can, 27 crayons, & hot glue gun

Super Easy DIY Art: black canvas + hot glue gun + fake butterflies

DIY Painted spoons art (plastic spoons, acrylic paint, hot glue gun)