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John Macarthur

"TRUTH HAS NO DEGREES or SHADES. A half truth is a whole lie, and a white lie is really black." ~ John MacArthur

"WORLDLINESS: it involves love for earthly things, esteem for earthly values, and preoccupation with earthly cares. SCRIPTURE PLAINLY LABELS IT SIN... " ~ John MacArthur

Sermon: When God Abandons a Nation (Romans 1:18-32) — John MacArthur WOW!!! A must watch!! Key verse: Romans 1:18 The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness

I Believe In Jesus: Leading Your Child To Christ: John MacArthur, Pam Rossi:

John MacArthur - Understanding Dispensationalism!

"The more you KNOW Him and COMMUNE with Him, the more the Spirit will make you like Him... the better you will understand HIS UTTER SUFFICIENCY FOR ALL OF LIFE'S DIFFICULTIES." ~ John MacArthur

"No suavices el evangelio, si la Verdad ofende deja que ofenda, la gente ha estado toda su vida ofendiendo a Dios" - John MacArthur.

"TO SOME MEASURE EVEN UNBELIEVERS BENEFIT FROM GOD'S GRACE. Theologians call that "common grace" because it is common to all mankind. Common grace is God's continual care for all creation, providing for His creatures' needs." ~ John MacArthur

WE'RE GOING HOME TO OUR ETERNAL LIFE WITH OUR LORD, that is what our time here is all about. So let's us be busy moving forward in our service to Him: "Salvation is not verified by a past act, but by present fruitfulness." ~ John MacArthur

"THE JOYLESS CHRISTIAN REVEALS HIMSELF - by having negative thoughts and talk about others; a lack of concern for others welfare; and a failure to intercede on others behalf." ~ John MacArthur

YES! When you worry and doubt what you're really saying to God is, "I know you mean well, but I don't think you can pull it off." - John MacArthur

The Serenity Prayer The goal of prayer is not to gratify our selfish desires but to align our will with God's purposes. John MacArthur

"Christians are not left in the world by accident but are placed there on DIVINE ASSIGNMENT FROM THEIR LORD." ~ John MacArthur

Kirk Cameron and John MacArthur on Salvation! Romans 10:9. a good video, and worth your time!! (( IF you don't accept Jesus Christ as Your savior, You aren't gettin in Heaven.) Romans 10:9,11

"The JOYLESS CHRISTIAN REVEALS HIMSELF BY HAVING NEGATIVE THOGUHTS and talk about others, in a lack of concern for others welfare... their self-centeredness inevitably manifests itself in PRAYERLESSNESS." ~ John MacArthur

"We should not be entertained by the sins for which Christ died." (John MacArthur)

Grace to You's John MacArthur... wonderful minister and author. It was his book I was reading the day I was convicted of my "lostness". That was almost 20 years ago now. :)

  • Nicoleen Smit

    Hi Nita. I totally agree with you. His book, Charismatic Chaos totally changed my life