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John Macarthur

When God Abandons A Nation by John MacArthur

Kirk Cameron and John MacArthur on Salvation!

John MacArthur quote Believing GOD gets me through every day is the only way I get through everyday

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    I am not positive but I think it is from his book "Anxious For Nothing"

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    Sorry... which book is this from?

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"The gospel... explicitly and unequivocally RULES OUT EASY-BELIEVISM... It makes room for a CHEAP and MEANINGLESS FAITH... with absolutely no impact on the fleshly life of sin. That is not saving faith," John MacArthur. "Faith consists, not in ignorance, but in KNOWLEDGE ... not only of God, but also of the DIVINE WILL." ~ John Calvin

"THE JOYLESS CHRISTIAN REVEALS HIMSELF - by having negative thoughts and talk about others; a lack of concern for others welfare; and a failure to intercede on others behalf." ~ John MacArthur

John MacArthur "Twelve Extraordinary Women"

"The more you KNOW Him and COMMUNE with Him, the more the Spirit will make you like Him... the better you will understand HIS UTTER SUFFICIENCY FOR ALL OF LIFE'S DIFFICULTIES." ~ John MacArthur

John MacArthur Study Bible

"TO SOME MEASURE EVEN UNBELIEVERS BENEFIT FROM GOD'S GRACE. Theologians call that "common grace" because it is common to all mankind. Common grace is God's continual care for all creation, providing for His creatures' needs." ~ John MacArthur

JOHN MACARTHUR ON THE TRADITIONS OF MEN - Bible Q&A with John MacArthur from Grace to You

"Christians are not left in the world by accident but are placed there on DIVINE ASSIGNMENT FROM THEIR LORD." ~ John MacArthur

WE'RE GOING HOME TO OUR ETERNAL LIFE WITH OUR LORD, that is what our time here is all about. So let's us be busy moving forward in our service to Him: "Salvation is not verified by a past act, but by present fruitfulness." ~ John MacArthur

Grace to You by John MacArthur... free daily readings out of 4 different devotionals.. how wonderful :)

"GOD"S WORD IS A REVELATION - a revealing of truth to make the dark things light, bringing eternity into bright focus," John MacArthur. "YOUR WORD IS A LAMP TO MY FEET and A LIGHT TO MY PATH," Psalm 119:105.

John MacArthur

Grace to You's John MacArthur... wonderful minister and author. It was his book I was reading the day I was convicted of my "lostness". That was almost 20 years ago now. :)

A thought from the book I read by John MacArthur, "The Second Coming".

"Worry is the sin of distrusting the promise and providence of God, and yet it is a sin that Christians commit perhaps more frequently than any other." ~ John MacArthur ♥

The Willful Submission of a Christian Wife (Ephesians 5:22-24) John MacA...

John MacArthur- You know that's right!

- John MacArthur

Prayer.The goal of prayer is not to gratify our selfish desires but to align our will with God's purposes. John MacArthur