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Bohyun Yoon’s sculptural installation entitled Unity is absolutely mind-blowing. Yoon suspends mangled silicon body parts from a flat surface, casting shadows that create incredibly detailed silhouettes. Upon taking closer look, however, viewers will notice that the shadows aren’t exactly safe for work. Unity, indeed.

Malika Favre KamaSutra1 – Fubiz™ - I saw this on display at Somerset House and just fell in love with it all!

kamasutra soviético #eroticart Fetish store. Juguetería para adultos

Kama Sutra Project - Malika Favre

La ilustradora Malika Favre, francesa afincada en Londres, ha creado uno de los más notables ejercicios de revisión pop de esta biblia eróti...

The Basket - kamasutra sex positions For the Basket sex position the man sits on the floor or on a firm mattress, with one leg outstretched and the other bent at the knee to maintain his balance. The woman sits astride him, while he holds her hips and pulls her onto him for deep penetration. She is in control and can vary her movements to bring them both to a climax, while he is in an ideal position to kiss, suck and nibble her nipples.

Malika Favre - The Kama Sutra Project - Posizioni sessuali e illustrazioni tipografiche

The Sidekick The woman starts with her back to her partner. She lies down on her side and he kneels behind her facing towards her head. He slides the knee that's furthest from her head between her legs and then enters her. She moves her top leg and extends it slightly in front of her to give better balance and to give him a better view. He holds on to her hips as he thrusts in the Sidekick sex position.

Erotic sculpture at Khajuraho by Bhaswaran Bhattacharya,

The Hinge - kamasutra sex positions The Hinge sex position is a good one as it allows depth control. The man kneels up, leaning backwards and using one arm to support himself. The woman is also on her knees facing away from him in doggy position. She straddles him, leaning forwards onto her elbows and thrusting herself backwards onto him. He can use his spare hand to caress and tease.

Cover illustration and typography for the Deluxe edition of the Kama Sutra. Published by Penguin books. Art direction by Paul Buckley

Maharshi Vatsayan was entrusted with the task of condensing the extensive work compiled in a treatise called Kama Shastra by sage Babhravpanchal.

Wow! tantric draw

This was farmed and hung in my grandfather's room. i remember seeing and imagiining - when i was a kid...krishna and the gopis

MEDIEVAL KAMASUTRA Book of Hours, France 15th century. Bibliothèque de Genève, Ms. lat. 33, fol. 79v

Kama Sutra Font: Malika Favres Kinky Typography Inspires Us To Get Our Freak On (NSFW)(PHOTOS)

Set of 9 Kama Sutra Paintings on Glass India mid 20th century Erotic reverse painted glass paintings depicting scenes from the Kama Sutra. The paintings are examples of hundreds that covered the walls of a deposed Indian Prince. Simple wooden frames.

Saatchi Art Artist elise collet soravito; Painting, "yawning position/on the shoulders" #art

The Curled Angel - kamasutra sex positions The woman curls up on her side, knees drawn up and the man spoons her from behind. Penetration is fairly easy from his position and the man can rach around to play her breasts or clit. Especially to recommend for pregnant women, this can be adapted so that she doesn't have to bring her knees up quite so far and thus avoids squishing her "bump".