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Key Heart Tattoos

heart lock key tattoo. Something my husband and I could get. He holds the key to my heart :) love him to pieces

lock and key tattoos - Bing Images

tattoo; key; chest: ♥ like the placement and idea of a key by your heart ♥

Ribbon Skeleton Key Tattoo Design Somehow work this in with the heart padlock :)

Thought about getting something like this... each key representing children that have the keys to my heart.

Heart Locket & Rose Tattoo Design

Childs name tattoo. Son is the key to my heart ♥ Skeleton Key

Love this!!!! Would get it tomorrow!!! Although I'd change the heart to mini crossbones

I love these tattoos, I want one but I think I probably have enough :) Plus I am such a wimp can I stand the pain for so long?

maybe the key because grandma had an old door tha needed that kind of key

Swallow The Key To My Heart So We'll Never Be Apart Traditional Tattoo

key tattoo- w/ a script that says HAPPINESS IS A KEY TO THE HEART

wear the key to your heart on your sleeve. Awww babe. This tattoo is perfect. Love you. Talk soon.

Heart Locket Tattoo for me and Jamie could get the key. Possible coverup idea for my back.

Key to my heart tattoo

Next tattoo ... my two daughters hold the key to my heart

heart lock and key tattoo - Google Search

Matching wrist tattoos! Heart lock and key. :) so happy we got these, completely hand drawn by our artist.

Camargue cross tattoo... the symbol represents the three key Christian virtues mentioned in I Cor. 13:13 (faith, hope, and love)

My key tattoo, what if the bottom were an 'L" and an "M"? 2 keys to my heart?

getting this with the infinity with hearts on my ribs :)

Tattoo anatomically correct heart with a key hole... Key to my heart