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Key Heart Tattoos

Heart lock & key tattoo How cool the lock for your lady and the key for you

bird cage tattoo to represent freedom... maybe hearts instead? And key somewhere and a few music notes would make this perfection

Padlock and Keys Tattoo Flash Sheet - the look of this design is appealing. I'm not a fan of hearts, but I love the flowers/etc.

Steampunk Wedding Theme | steampunk locket key tattoo heart tattoo steampunk tattoo tattoo

I absolutely LOVE this! Since my sisters each say the other stole THEIR tattoo idea (LOL) I "claim" this one for myself!! ;) XO

Heart and keys tattoo includes ribbon with kids names

Love Lock And Keys Tattoo, love this idea...if I were going to keep my maiden name I would do this for my partner and my children

Key and Heart Tattoo love this!!!! on foot or wrist though....

This would look cool as part of a tattoo-- Golden Celtic Heart Gears Key Necklace.

tattoo; key; chest: ♥ like the placement and idea of a key by your heart ♥

This is the most beautiful keyhole I've seen. Want to get something like it to go with the hubby's key for me

Mario Rosenau - black and grey heart lock with keys tattoo

Love this tattoo but i would say " you have the key to my heart" do it for a sister tattoo

Absolutely love this tattoo! I want it but don't know where I would put it. I like this placement but the ribs are the worst to get a tattoo on. I think it would be pretty near your heart as if you were opening your heart with a key

Couples heart and key tattoo: live the key detail!

Key tattoo with my sons name in it. Holds the key to my heart.

I would go from a heart beat monitor line to the keys. Very cool looking. Great tattoo idea. - love this idea since my dad got me into piano

Thorns protect the key to my heart;prove you love me enough by withstanding the thorns-moi

Key to My Heart Locket Tattoo 6 by ~Metacharis on deviantART

Family by Tyler Bredeweg Tattoo Art Canvas Print. Tyler J. Bredeweg is a tattoo artist from Viejo, California and enjoys art, sports, tattoos, Jesus, spirituality, Sublime, women, U2, Entourage, Cops, and Journey.Feminine heart locket with wings and key. Makes an awesome gift for mothers.

Skeleton Key- some of these would make good tattoos.... I love the intricate ones with. Quote underneath? "You will always hold a key to my heart" "Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness."

owl heart lock key tattoo...if we got this then your owl will have the key but mine won't. Cause you hold the key to heart...get it :) @Heather Richardson

heart skeleton key tattoo | Heart With Music Notes Tattoo Designs 1 - Free Download Heart With ...