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Kiddy Pool

WALK THE PLANK PARTY GAME (for a water fun party, this would work well over a kiddie pool filled with toy sharks)

Ball pit kiddie pool and slide. Good idea to keep kids entertained in winter! That is if you have room.

The back yard swimming pool........ hours of fun and where by little brother skinny dipped many times :o)

kiddie pool + hula hoop + dish soap = human sized bubbles!

Play eye spy with favorite book. Eat lunch outside. Build something from a box to play in. Paint with watercolors. Play with stickers. Play sports in the yard. Play-Doh and jewels. Play The Cupcake Game. Play Simon Says. Make a balance beam out of painter’s tape and walk it! Play in a kiddie pool. Color with Color Wonder markers and coloring sheets. Water some plants. Play with Magic Nuudles. Play with Play-Doh and Duplo together.

Dinosaur party: If you already have a sandbox than just hide the "fossils" in the sandbox. If you don't already have one you can buy a plastic kiddie pool and fill it with sand and do the same. Mold your own bones out of clay that dries overnight and buy some paint brushes.

Parents if you're throwing a outside party maybe this would be fun for the kids to do. Still keeps the bubble theme. You could put them in a one of those kiddie pools. Maybe do a obstacle course at the party!

Now this is a cool idea!!!! Cover your trampoline springs with pool noodles! Cheap and colorful! This is a great idea for all you trampoline owners out there!!! Protect the kiddies while jumping!

Splish Splash: 10 Crafts for Bath Time...or summertime fun in the kiddie pool :)

Water Works Activity- fun summer ways to get SPD kids into the kiddie pool. From The Sensory Spectrum. Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources. Follow all our boards at for therapy resources.

If you have a kiddie pool, put a couple of bricks in the middle for the kids to stand on. Then dip a hula hoop in the mix and pull straight up - it will form a bubble around the child!

Using kiddie pools inside for the winter | P is for Preschooler

Colored Glass: fill balloons with water, food coloring, freeze. break balloon, take outside and put them in the kiddie pool

Cute ideas for summer. Hang watering can from tree and stick garden hoar in it. Put kiddie pool under it and it's an instant shower, or place to rinse off.

Each morning we set up the kiddie pool for the toddlers - shaded it with a big beach umbrella and surrounded them with our beach chairs. The kids played nonstop and we were able to relax and chill out. So much fun!

  • Trish Akridge-Schoocraft

    what a great idea!! we have a 2 yrold grand baby this would be a great idea to use this summer..thank you for posting it!!

  • Jessica Brashears

    We did this same thing with my 6mo old at the beach. And getting the water into the pool was a challenge we used gallons of water just to cover the bottom of the pool. It would take way to much to fill a pool up!!

  • Tiffany Taylor

    I like the idea but it may be too much work...

  • Beth Ray

    I hadn't gotten that far. Maybe buckets of ocean water?

  • Tiffany Taylor

    How they get water in it?

How yo keep your kiddie pool clean - cover it with a fitted sheet when not in use . What a great idea

tools for making sandcastles. put sand in kiddy pools, and invite kids to make sand castles.

Use a fitted sheet to cover the kiddie pool when not in use. My mouth just fell open. I have been scrubbing and re-filling our kiddie pool every weekend for the past two summers!

Use an old fitted sheet to keep your kiddie pool clean. Really make you say duh why didn't i think of that! From Simply Frugal Mom

Panning for GOLD! spray paint rocks gold poke holes in a pie plate fill a kiddie pool with dirty water and "gold" and let kids pan for gold.

Turn a Kiddie Pool into a Sand Box with a cover This could be helpful for those of us with a small amount of funds for summer fun.

homemade bubble solution in kiddie pool with, stand on stool and use hoola hoop as "wand"