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Kiddy Pool

Kiddie Pool Kickball-one of our favorite ways to kick off the summer! Great for backyard BBQs, youth activities, or any summer party. #summer #groupgames www.lets-get-toge...

House of Burke: Sensory Ball Pit for Baby - Sensory Saturday { Love this !! }

Float upside-down flying disks in the pool, then take turns trying to toss a sponge inside the rims. Every time a sponge goes in, take a step back and try again.

Every kid should have an epic water ballon fight in their child hood..

Sun Smarties Family Beach Cabana Tent - One Step Ahead Baby: Provides UPF 50+ protection while being cool and breathable. #Tent #Sun_Protection #Kids

Panning for GOLD! spray paint rocks gold poke holes in a pie plate fill a kiddie pool with dirty water and "gold" and let kids pan for gold.

Cleaning the Kids Pool, Naturally - add essential oils (Tea Tree, Lavender, Oregano, Geranium, or Lemon) to keep bacteria out

YES! This is exactly what I had in mind! Sand box in a kiddie pool with a vinyl tablecloth "shower cap" to keep water and animals out. I like her way of doing the elastic better than what I had had in mind. Perfect!

make bath time fun with glow sticks! i think this would be fun outside in the summer, using a big kiddie pool

Giant Bubbles!!! All you need is a kiddie pool, a hoola hoop, some water and a bunch of dish soap. Clean Summer Fun?! B-)

Cooler weather? Use your kiddy pool for a play area for little crawlers.

Fill a plastic baby pool with corn for sensory fun! You will need about two 50 lb bags of corn (found at agriculture, farm and tractor stores).

Took "cloud sand" and ran with it! This is 20 pounds of flour and 44oz of baby oil. Add a kiddie pool and some sand toys, and two little boys have a blast for at least 2 hours! It's easy to clean and smells good. It's a great substitute for sand for a little one with a broken arm. Sand gets in the cast and rubs skin raw. This concotion is actually soothing! :)

homemade bubble solution in kiddie pool with. have kids stand on a stool to keep feet dry.

tools for making sandcastles. put sand in kiddy pools, and invite kids to make sand castles.

DIY paper fish with paper clips, then fill a kiddy pool with them and make fishing poles with magnets on them. Great for fine motor, for an outdoor or indoor activity and a way to talk about fishing and where our food comes from!

fishing in a kiddie pool with butterfly nets! :)

Bubbles! (great for kids bubble fun) kiddie pool/hula hoop= LARGE BUBBLES

WALK THE PLANK PARTY GAME (for a water fun party, this would work well over a kiddie pool filled with toy sharks)

DIY Water Play Busy Bag Pool Fun That Doesn't Cost a Thing! Fill your kiddie pool with these fun water toys that won't cost you a penny.

Use an old fitted sheet to keep your kiddie pool clean. Really make you say duh why didn't i think of that! From Simply Frugal Mom

Gotta have one! Kiddie Car Wash, from pvc pipe, strips cut from plastic table cloths, add a couple dollar store pool noodles...and a hose! Let the kids ride their bikes thru...or just take a stroll thru.

Use a fitted sheet to cover the kiddie pool when not in use. My mouth just fell open. I have been scrubbing and re-filling our kiddie pool every weekend for the past two summers!