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Kiddy Pool

Use a fitted sheet to cover the kiddie pool when not in use. Let's the water warm up without getting stuff in it.

Perhaps a small kiddie pool fish pond... kids fish for prizes? Magnetic fishing activity for kids {tutorial}

toddler slide into kiddie pool with ball pit balls in it

YES! This is exactly what I had in mind! Sand box in a kiddie pool with a vinyl tablecloth "shower cap" to keep water and animals out. I like her way of doing the elastic better than what I had had in mind. Perfect!

Stumps Tug-of-War Game (Outdoor Games for Kids) | Spoonful -- put kiddie pool under them - 4th of july fun...

spray aquarium gravel with metallic gold spray paint, fill a kiddie pool with sand, water, and gold nuggets and let the kids sift through with old pie tins. Make drawstring muslin bags to hold their gold nuggets, then they can trade them for snacks or little favors at the "Trading Post"

21 fun things to put in kiddie pools---some of these are def a no no but the rest seem worth a shot

fishing in a kiddie pool

Kiddie pool ball pit,sounds fun for a two to three year old birthday party.

what a great idea... bring an small inflatable kiddie pool to the beach and fill with buckets of water so the kiddos can safely enjoy the water and the beach (and probably have more fun too!)

panning for gold activity~ spray paint aquarium gravel with metallic spray paint, sprinkle in an area and the let the search begin. finish the activity with a trip to the trading post. so fun!

homemade bubble solution in kiddie pool with, stand on stool and use hoola hoop as "wand"

Parents if you're throwing a outside party maybe this would be fun for the kids to do. Still keeps the bubble theme. You could put them in a one of those kiddie pools. Maybe do a obstacle course at the party!

Deanndra Whitaker: Quick toddler activities that I can do in a moment's notice, with no setup. It occurred to me that the smallest size kiddie pool in the ktchen would be a good place for these water activities!

Great alternative to the sandbox mess in the house after playing. Just fill a kiddie pool with 1 bag of landscaping pebbles ($3) from Lowe's. Add construction vehicles. Keeps my son content for at least 1-2 hours. He LOVES it.

Race marbles on this track made from pool noodles. This would be so much quieter than our current marble run!

A bunch of dirt on a tarp with plastic bugs and such in it with shovels and trucks! Or in kiddy pool would be fun too.

Sandbox. You could put a kiddie pool on the top part!

Make this paper boat, then take it to a stream outside (or a kiddie pool) and have some fun with the kids outdoors! #COgetmovin via @Emma (My Little 3 and Me)