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Lanyard Tutorial

Fabric Lanyard Tutorial | Go To Sew

A Quilting Jewel: Lanyard Tutorial

making lanyards from fabric scraps~ So like most school staff know, part of the daily dress code is one's name tag, often clipped to a lanyard. The lanyard provided by employers is usually a plain cheep shoelace-like material. Blah. I wanted something more exciting! Something that would express my individuality. These DIY lanyards are fun and stylish!

Box and Barrel Lanyards tutorial, Classic Camp Crafts

Pocket on a lanyard for when you only need to carry a few things. Hands-free convenience. Tutorial:

Salvation Bracelet Tutorial - 1. Black=sin, Rom. 3:23 2. Red= Christ's blood, Romans 5: 8-9 3. White= repent and be cleansed, Psalm 51: 1-2 4. Blue= baptism, Ephesians 4:5 5. Green= growth in our faith, Colossians 1:10 6. Yellow or Gold= eternal life in Heaven, John 3:16 I think some cute ribbon would work as well as the lanyard or plastic cords.

Fabric Lanyard Tutorial - Quick and Easy!

Key Fob and Lanyard Tutorial |

How to tie a lanyard knot tutorial.

75+ dress up~Visit www.lanyardelegan... for beautiful Elegant Lanyards and Crystal Eyeglass Holders for women.

Fabric Lanyards Tutorial It's still I am thinking about the coming school year! UGH!

DIY: designer-inspired “straw” bangles

How to make / tie wrist paracord lanyard with the Snake Knot ( Tutorial )

On one of my articles at Squidoo on Paracord Bracelet Patterns I showed a lanyard I had made with a Fishtail weave. It resembles a rattlesnake tail when using the Desert Camp cord like I did. Here's a tutorial from TIAT on something different, but he calls it the Rattlesnake Knot, which looks great for lanyards and key fobs. #ParacordBraceletHQ

finally... a tutorial for a camera strap... NOT a camera strap cover. YAY!

Paracord lanyard a tutorial,It will allow you to carry 10 feet of paracord with you,and i think it looks impressive, i want a bracelet:-)

Key Fob Wristlet and Lanyard Tutorial. Made with Gracie Girl Numbers fabric from Riley Blake. Tutorial links to an Etsy store where you can purchase completed key fobs. Don't lose your keys again!

Make your own Vera Bradley Look-Alike chain lanyard for only a few bucks! Super quick easy photo tutorial included!

Cold Hands Warm Heart: Lanyard with Card Holder Tutorial. MUST do! I haven't been able to find a lanyard that I've liked so far and this way i'll be able to make it look however I want since I can choose the fabric!

Key fob w/secret pocket. I'm thinking of adapting this so I can carry plastic baggies and my keys with me when I take the dog for a walk.