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Eva Kolenko photography promo / by Emma Robertson

I really like the image coming outside of the frame. Maybe this is something we gotta try for yearbook this year.

Page design from GQ magazine Design Director Fred Woodward, Art Director Anton, Designer Delgis Canahuate, Director of Photography Dora Somosi, Photo Editor Jesse Lee

Love, love, LOVE this page layout from the People Magazine Redesign by Rachel Ake!!!

This layout was interesting to me because the figure in the image seemed to be coming out of the design, creating more depth. The text was also designed well by blocking off the main story, and wrapping text describing the subject of the piece around the woman.

To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently, is an art. Health increasingly plays a decisive role in the diet patters of today's consumers. 'Zout (salt) is out, fat is bad.', a member of La Lorraine Bakery Group, repsonds to the development of this general awareness with a dedicated range of frozen bakery products. A great opportunity for Canada to show our healthy brand development skills.

Flatmates Handbook


Simple, strong page layout with some space for the content to breathe

I like the contrast between the white type and dark background as well as a grid-type layout below Get Free Domain on

Diagramación para revistas, ejemplos, consultas, dinamismo gráfico entre otras disposición del espacio

15 Creative Print Ready Business Brochure Designs | Design | Graphic Design Junction

Editorial Design Inspiration Amazing way to place an image in a grid layout; lovely editing

Type as texture Design by Atelier Martino & Jaña for the Festivais Gil Vicente 2011. design and layout

Engagement/Couple photo inspiration. Love the layout for this modern wedding invitation. #design

... - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All

(We are not taking credit/ just passing along to our blog clients) : blog layout :

Great looking landing page for a fictitious restaurant called 'Prime' - the purpose being to showcase the development skills on Ryan McHenry. The footer alignment seems off... but good imagery and clean layout.

Vitra ID Chair Concept Campaign by Nicole Jacek, via Behance