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Ennemm designed the packaging for the Mjólkursamsalan Dairy in Iceland. A black background highlights the white type, color-coded to match the beverage contained within. The overall layout gives the brand an exclusivity and uniqueness that cannot be commonly found with other brands that tend to gravitate toward a minimal or illustrative aesthetic.

I think that this is a great advertisement for an app. It has lots of color, making the reader want to look at it, it has enough information, but not so much that the reader won't bother to read it. It gets the point across through bright colors, a simplified, condensed amount of information, and appealing illustrations.

Outstanding design. Beautiful images. All to support a document encouraging the rape of the arctic for "hard to reach" resources. I feel sad and conflicted. I support the designer here, but as an artist myself, I don't know if I would have been able to take this gig.

Finnish Summer The best things in Summer for me are taking a rowboat trip early in the morning, going to a sauna, dipping your feet in warm water, relaxing in a summerhouse, swimming, watching the sunset, taking a walk into a fresh birch forest, taking a night swim, going for a picnic by bike, laying in flower fields and watching how clouds make different shapes

Beautiful, clear site design. Unusual treatment of buttons to follow pages. Generous allocation of real estate.

Flourish Brand Stylists - Creative Brand and Visual Communications Agency - Webdesign inspiration

Layouts // Image focused // Muted // Grey // Magazine // Cereal magazine

Editorial Design Inspiration Amazing way to place an image in a grid layout; lovely editing

Dwell - Coastal Cities Revisited / magazine visual identity and layout pitch by Sidney Lim YX #print #editorial

Great use of a name to become a branding style within the layout of the resume! Creative Resume by Laura Myler, via Behance For more resume inspirations click here: Creative Resume Design, Resume Style, Resume Design, Curriculum Vitae, CV, Resume Template, Resumes, Resume Format.

Architectural Conference... hmmm design is a great idea / concept I can use for my portfolio awesome

Incredible web design layout and color palette selected. I really like this homepage - whatever web designer created this would definitely have a job at Isadora Design.