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Look at the bottom neon rectangle. Like the way it is folded. Could we actually fold an image and take a photo of it, and then use that as the background of the card, with the logo on top? Would create a sense of texture without needing to invest in something like letterpress etc.

The layout of this packaging is unique and eye catching in the way it is presented. The colour scheme is suitable and the type stands out against it.

Photo of blogger in P "C" stamp in top corner... and info of the event at the bottom left corner

Love this magazine layout, with positive negative space. The angles of the shapes really add a nice touch to the design. I like it because its so simple yet so effective. It looks effortless but really well constructed.

illustrations (available for download) by Laura Varsky to introduce her first typeface, Lady René

Modern Photography Portfolio, Wedding Album, Go To to get more Gossip News!

Cutthroatcavalier—nice use of grid for a website. Though we think the text may be too small and delicate.

andrew colin beck - beautiful bold red type on a transparency filter, helps to bring a nice impact to the page.

"Everyone is influenced by everybody but you bring it down home the way you feel it." - But Does It Float #collage #mixedmedia by cristiana couceiro

Graphic Design books to get you started - Layout Essentials 100 Design Principles for Using Grids

Magazine Layout. I like this layout because it is small and very direct. I enjoy the columns and the vertical stress of the layout.

BLU Magazine by Steve Kelly - Again I like the black and white image, plain background, simple text and minimal colour in this layout

Why do we spend so much of our lives living only in part? Is it too hard to live our full colors?

Portland Loves Cambodia Poster, via Flickr., via graphic design layout, identity systems and great type lock-ups.

This is awesome inspiration for future designs, especially for a magazine layout or flyer. The repetition of boxes, large dominant image and bright colors drew me in, and the variety of fonts kept me interested as I read.

Incredible web design layout and color palette selected. I really like this homepage - whatever web designer created this would definitely have a job at Isadora Design.

like the 3 picture package, you know theres another photo supposed to be there but tricks your eye

Creative layout for CV. Although the idea of 'not my cup of tea' seems utterly ridiculous to have on a CV.

Make coffee fun! Or any other foods/beverages :) Love the bubbles below - could do something cool using bizsol and the bubble stock image we have.

I don't like the more neony shades, but grey-and-yellow is a great combo, and the layout is cool too.

Pl8 Poster: network Osaka, via graphic design layout, identity systems and great type lock-ups.

Beautiful, clear site design. Unusual treatment of buttons to follow pages. Generous allocation of real estate.

"The Strassenfeger is a Berlin-based Magazine sold by homeless people. I thought it would be fun to create an identity for them." - Rene Bieder #identity #editorial