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Lego Activities

Preschool Number Recognition and Number Sense LEGO inspired activity

Four easy to set-up and fun activities to practice fine motor skills using LEGO bricks from Fun at Home with Kids

Lego Math: How many Legos does it weigh? Oh my gosh! This looks so much fun and is so educational! Think of all the products you can use!

DIY Portable LEGO Kit with 24 Free Printable Activity Cards. A great idea for those times where you have to wait (Doctor's office, restaurant) or when you are traveling (great in the car or on a plane)! From Fun at Home with Kids

Amazing list of Lego educational links!!! Free LEGO Printables and 70+ LEGO Learning Activities

Two Preschool Math Activities with Duplo Legos: great time filler if the room is cleaned and we are waiting for parents if the service has gone longer than expected

Lego learning games - exploring Lego and play dough. This is a great activity for sensory play, imaginative play, letter recognition and sight words.

Lego learning games - exploring Lego and play dough. This is a great activity for sensory play, imaginative play, letter recognition and sight words.

Spelling 2: This spelling activity is great for students to be hands-on and manipulate. The blocks/legos have letters or roots of words on them. When put together, the legos can create words that may be on their vocab sheets; students may also be able to create new words that they did not know how to previously spell.

Laughing Kids Learn: LEGO activity for tots is great for developing fine motor control, hand/eye coordination, patience, concentration and matching colours.

Blocks of Fun! 40 Block Activities for Kids.....brilliant teach your kid to floss with Lego, play dough and string:-)

Dental health activity: use large legos as teeth, and playdough as gunk...practice flossing with yarn.

Matching and pattern work as well as good number sense activities. My boys love this one! You can also extend and leave some cards blank for the kids to make their own pattern - great collection of busy bag ideas!

Working Together With Legos -- Group activity on cooperation. Describing to another what you are building. Reccommended for 4th grade & up.

In this mega unit you will find more than 75 activities you can do to teach your students using legos. Legos are a staple in every classroom for fu...

Two Lego Club Activities - sit back to back and describe - make it move without touching

* Great idea for webelo scouts working on engineer activity badge! Make a Lego marble maze. This is a very spatial, tactile, logical task... requires clever thinking and some trial and error... great problem-solving activity.

LEGO Learning | Walking by the Way Simple "lesson plan" activities for using building blocks to teach various traditional academic concepts across age ranges and grade levels.

Toddler Approved!: LEGO Week {5 Days of Playful Learning Activities}

Math Activities for Preschoolers: Learning With Legos - The Pleasantest Thing

Music activities for kids: building chords with Lego duplo - includes a free printable from And Next Comes L