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Banish Jiggle All Over Place a hand towel underneath the toes of one foot (image a). Open one leg out to the side, dragging the towel in a large arc along the floor as wide as you can go (image b). Bring your leg back in and drag the towel back to meet your other foot to complete one rep. Do 5-10 reps

for my bro and sis, i have a gread suggestion for the pool. along the fence line put this up high so that it is next to the pool, but is permanent and usable when the pool comes down. Winter you can have bar tools.

Men who invade women’s personal space on buses and metro by sitting with their legs wide open are being named and shamed on Turkish social m...

Back Stretching Sequence: Open Rotated Warrior 1, Open Revolved Extended Side Angle, Revolved Side Angle With Prayer Hands, Rotated Triangle, Twisting Goddess, Wide-Legged Forward Bend Twist, Half Bound Wide Squat, Revolved Pigeon, Pigeon Twist, Seated Spinal Twist, Kneeling Twist, Eagle Twist

Keep them slim – wide leg openings make your legs look shorter, so keep them slim for a leg lengthening effect.

Yeah, I would definitely rock this to the next wedding I went much easier to dance in :)

Prasarita Padottanasana - wide-legged standing forward bend Open up those Hamstrings!!

Postwork Yoga Sequence Designed For Desk Dwellers: You finally stand up after sitting all day at your desk, and your hips, lower back, and shoulders are screamingly tense and sore.

Brown boots I like the wide leg opening

ASTR Open Back Wide Leg Romper

so cute, minus his legs spread wide open..

"Crotch danglers," especially ones with baby facing out, are very dangerous and uncomfortable for baby. Always wear baby facing you with their legs wide open like a frog and their bottom lower than their knees. I didn't know this until recently and wore my daughter facing outward in the Moby Wrap. Won't do it again. When you know better you do better!

Yoga Poses: Wide-Legged Forward Fold with Shoulder Opener

classic button-up, crew neck sweater, chunky pearls, & pants

Prenatal Yoga Sequence. These body weight movements are designed to work you core, upper back, quads, and glutes.

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Like these wide leg pants. Would be great for an art gallery opening or something.