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Letter J Tattoo

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This fun vintage (circa 1940) heart lock is one that can be a bit hard to find. The heart features two blue pastes set in flowers. The heart lock measures 11/16ths of an inch by 1/2 of an inch. The heart lock is in good working order and has a loop on which to attach a key if you have a spare. The back is marked sterling and is nice engraved with the letters "W. J. V." Condition is very good.

Well just when I thought I had my tattoo idea figured out then I see this! Me likee - mine would be with an "A" -- Heart Tattoos | tattoo j letter tattoo henna simple tattoo j letter tattoo

Toronto tattoo shop - Angel wing with letter J tattoo - Click image to find more tattoos Pinterest pins

Not mine but here is the story it came with. "Our couples tattoo. The design is the first letters of our names intertwined (e and j). Getting a tattoo with someone else was a new experience and an awesome one. We’re both very happy with the outcome." -e and j huh? How ironic... love the creativity in this. Still a cool design if things don't end so well for couple.

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tattoos of j and w | Italian Tattoo: Alfabeto tattoo cuori ribelli: lettera J

letter j tattoo designs - Google Search

Lettere tattoo: 9 singole A | F | G | J | K | L | S | T | V J-tattoo-diyartcraft – tattoo diyartcraft

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A solo night out at a bar leads to Ollie getting a drunk tattoo representing Jane right on his hipbone.

If I ever got a tattoo, I would totally do something like this. Simple and quick hopefully?? :)

matching tattoo for me and my mom, only both being the letter J

Tattoo Ideas for my sister tattoo with @Carrie Mcknelly Owens :) mine on my left foot and yours on your right

Letter J Tattoos - Bing Images

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My latest tattoo, cursive J and a heart

matching tattoo for me and my mom, only both being the letter J

The mandalas are inspired by/replicated/based off of the talented Philippe Fernandez's original design.


With the letter J Tattoos instead of G-Bing Images