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Library Rooms

This library room would be my favorite room in the house.

Library room -- love the idea of wallpapering the ceiling

Wonderful embroidered Chair.... this would probably go in the corner of the library room, art room, maybe even playroom.

I like the idea of partially separating spaces with artfully draped curtains... BTW, this pink peacock fabric is available at JoAnn's Fabrics & crafts

  • Sharon Springfield

    Oh my gosh I LOVE that fabric!

  • Ria Bond

    There's always a chance you might be able to buy it from somebody on Etsy or Amazon. :-)

  • Lora Zylstra

    Thanks for checking!!!! I'm still obsessed with this fabric!

  • Ria Bond

    I searched, just for funsies, and I couldn't find it either. Sadly, many specialty patterns have a very limited run. :-(

  • Ria Bond

    Not a clue... I remember it was a specialty cotton

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This I'd fantastic, I wonder if I have anywhere to squeeze this in...hmm, I'm sure I could find someplace!

theaestate: black magic VIA I will have a navy room one day....likely a library room :)

ok, so perhaps not one I would have myself unless I moved into a castle, but what a room! I could be very content here

secret passageways must exist in my home.


English Manor--Wish this was my Library Room I like the one in Beauty and the Beast the one that raps all the way around

Now this is prabably a liitle out of my reach but interesting! Secret library room

I could handle a little space like this being off my bedroom. I have always wanted a library with a ladder. #library #home #design

  • Andy

    I would just set up my bed in here.

"Of course there's a secret passage way behind the bookshelf," he muttered under his breath. "The strange noises and flickering lights weren't creepy and mysterious enough."

library room art :)

Loft idea, I love library rooms.

I'm no great artist, but my stairs were looking a little dull. So, I spiced them up, literary style. - Imgur

Modern double-height library room renovation with rolling ladder

Unusual library room with gorgeous window

walls of books! i will have this many soon. i keep buying and keep reading and never getting rid of them.