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Simple DIY Photo Light Box~ it makes a huge difference when you take pictures of anything. See the before and after!

DIY Light box - this is a must if you are selling stuff on Etsy. I would even cover the bottom so the object is sitting on a nice white background.

DIY Photo Light Box by lavendersbluedesigns: Save yourself time spent color-correcting and adjusting lighting in Photoshop! #DIY #Photo_Light_Box

Make your own light- box for tracingCreative Interior seriously why didn't I think of this? total money saver!

Tool tip: Make your own light box for better results when taking miniature photos.

DIY Light Box- endless ways to investigate, play, and explore! Would make a great holiday gift!

Add fairy lights to a plastic storage box to make a light box, genius.

Light boxes made using air filters, cardboard, duct tape and led lighting. Awesome, practical and cost effective.

"star" box with Christmas lights - hmmm at least one moving box space shuttle downstairs could transform to a reading nook

How-To Make and Use a Light Box to Improve Your Product Photography | Handmadeology

DIY light box. so pretty! I want to make this for my classroom for sure. The children will love this.

DIY light box - happy hooligans - make your own light box or light table

DIY photography light box: cheap, foldable, effective and easy to add a background -- lc: DIY photography light box WIN!!

I need this to take better pictures of the treats. . . . Maybe I'll add this to the do list today

quote from former: "Good tutorial for a light box. Pinner says: " But I will say that I just use a large clear plastic bin for my light box. The plastic does a great job of defusing the light and you don't have to get all crazy with tissue paper and box cutting. And when I'm done shooting, I throw lights and all in the bin until I need it next."

...Make It With Me: Light-box Build For $13.00

  • Nina Nolen

    I made one! I could have made mine about 1/3 the size for my 2 inch photo subject. Now I need to learn how to use it.

How to make a light box for photographing objects. Inexpensive household items (cardboard box) and craft store items (poster board, muslin) + a single light source using a daylight bulb (true white light). Nice tutorial and something that anyone can do. Nice!

DIY lighted box string and drawings along with tutorial.

Dumbledore quote light box. Im making this. I have a box with lights already in it and have been wondering what I could do with it, now I know!