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Simple DIY Photo Light Box~ it makes a huge difference when you take pictures of anything. See the before and after!

DIY Light box - this is a must if you are selling stuff on Etsy. I would even cover the bottom so the object is sitting on a nice white background.

DIY light box, also have seen these done with a string of white Christmas lights inside the clear box.

Light boxes made using air filters, cardboard, duct tape and led lighting. Awesome, practical and cost effective.

flax twine: DIY Photo Light Box - A Finish Fifty Project - You're creative, you create new things every day, you sell them, want to show them... but you... need better photos. So you need a Light Box (everyone needs one). :)

light box…diy...for all my clients that need a DIY image solution. This is a great idea, if your product is small.

DIY photography light box: cheap, foldable, effective and easy to add a background -- lc: DIY photography light box WIN!!

These photography tips are designed to help you make your photographs looks bright, eye catching and professional and you don’t need to have an expensive camera to do this!

...Make It With Me: Light-box Build For $13.00

DIY concept: Use 20x20 A/C filters to create "light boxes". Just add an LED light inside. (cc: @Brandon Downs)

Toilet paper tube printing/painting - Start by covering your paper towel tube with a paper towel. Make sure that you have enough tubes for each child. Let the children squirt paint all over a shallow box. Lay the paper towel tube on one end of the box. Apply light pressure, gently roll the tube across the box, just enough to cover it with paint. Let it dry. Repeat! Repeat!

quote from former: "Good tutorial for a light box. Pinner says: " But I will say that I just use a large clear plastic bin for my light box. The plastic does a great job of defusing the light and you don't have to get all crazy with tissue paper and box cutting. And when I'm done shooting, I throw lights and all in the bin until I need it next."

DIY Photo Light Box - 2 Tri-fold display boards, or a cardboard box, white poster board, masking tape, white muslin fabric, ruler, exacto knife, cutting mat, glue, scissors, light source/lamp with natural light bulb

Light box risers made from WAX paper!

Dumbledore quote light box. Im making this. I have a box with lights already in it and have been wondering what I could do with it, now I know!

The Scrap Shoppe: Tutorial - How to Make a Light Box (I checked this link on 5-22-12 and it worked)

They accomplished this design with air filters, duct tape, and some LED lighting. Benjamin bought 76 air filters ($1.30 each). Then he bought 12 rolls of duct tape ($3.40 each). Total cost: $140.