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Totally making one of these for my classroom next year. So easy and not at all expensive! I think I already have all of these things! DIY Light Box for Sensory Play - The Imagination Tree

Light Panel...can also use letters, numbers, colour mixing, magnetic 3d blocks, Modern Parents Messy Kids: Meet the Light Box - Your New Must Have Toy?

DIY Light box - this is a must if you are selling stuff on Etsy. I would even cover the bottom so the object is sitting on a nice white background.

making light boxes for stage sets out of air filters and duct tape. Would be neat to use patterned or colored duct tape. Maybe try spray painting or dying the filters for colored lights?

DIY Great light box how to for tracing images

Dumbledore quote light box. Im making this. I have a box with lights already in it and have been wondering what I could do with it, now I know!

Light boxes made using air filters, cardboard, duct tape and led lighting. Awesome, practical and cost effective.

DIY light box. so pretty! I want to make this for my classroom for sure. The children will love this.

DIY light box for sensory play! Create a homemade light table for sensory play and investigation with kids, using simple and affordable items from around the home! *repinned by

DIY Light Box for Sensory Play Using Christmas Lights- The Imagination Tree

Beach light box with sand and shells made from an old frame! Will be making this for sure !!!

DIY Hanging Stars - we can do these slightly differently (larger stars (~4"), fewer per garland, double the stars so don't see string) hanging from light boxes in main room. kite string is about right weight. light weight card stock - cream on cream print?

DIY Light Box- endless ways to investigate, play, and explore! Would make a great holiday gift!

Easiest DIY Light Box Ever | Mama. Papa. Bubba.

I need this to take better pictures of the treats. . . . Maybe I'll add this to the do list today

bottle brush tree light up shadow box

DIY Light-Up Cereal Box Spooky Houses for Halloween by Natalie Kramer via Handmade Charlotte

Homemade Light Box! Wonderful for exploring the play of light, shadow, color, and transparency. A magical way to encourage curiosity, exploration, and problem-solving.

Loving the energy of this light box/school desk. Makes it so much easier to see your art work, especially if you are drawing your designs on transparencies instead of using a printer.

Make an inexpensive, homemade light box with 2 simple items. Hours of fun and light play! (happy hooligans)

How-To Make and Use a Light Box to Improve Your Product Photography | Handmadeology