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Air Filter light boxes. Benjamin bought 76 air filters ($1.30 each). Then he bought 12 rolls of duct tape ($3.40 each). Total cost: $140.

Which to open first? a box of boxes If you have a lot of little gifts to give someone, why not build a cube of boxes? You could use almost any light-weight colorful cardboard, like cereal boxes, cookie boxes or pasta boxes. Create or download a cube template, then cut out your boxes. As you fill each one, attach it to the next one with two-sided tape. Once you have your cube completed, add a bow and wait for the fun.

Bottle Cap Keychains fobs-Nice ceiling fan/light chain charms, or my favorite,use as feet for a box on table,dresser or bookshelf [felt on1 facing down], keychain fobs for the tractor,4 wheeler,garage door key or tiny master lock keys[glue a matching cap on the lock] fobs are small can hide but easy to find too -- soda drink caps would look nice too, colorful and those nice vintage caps you see but don't have anything to do with, this is one thing now !

Simple DIY Photo Light Box~ it makes a huge difference when you take pictures of anything.

easy disco lights... Paint a box black and cut out a 'window' area. For the window use plastic light diffusing panels made for suspended ceiling lights (available at hardware stores, usually several different patters/textures available). Tape the window plastic to the inside of the box and then tape strings of Christmas light around the inside of the box. Put some strings on steady on and some on blinking and close up the box.

OMG I have been looking for this for like ever....soooo making this asap..

Shadow light box 3D frame diorama -Hippolyte-. $38.00, via Etsy.

Stampin' Up! UK Double Oversized Tea Light Box Tutorial

DIY Light Table - white Xmas lights in a box - optional, tape wax paper on lid to diffuse. Clever!

Made these for rugby luau. Stacked 3 wine boxes and taped them together. Painted them. Cut shapes from foam sheets bought at dollar store craft section. Grass skirt glue gunned on. Red eyes blink and are From dollar store pet section. Dog bone shaped lights for your dogs collar at night.

DIY Light box - this is a must if you are selling stuff on Etsy. I would even cover the bottom so the object is sitting on a nice white background.

SYNAS LED Light Display Box/Lamp (9x9x9") - Ikea $29.99/ea

Instead of putting lights in the boxes, you could just intertwine them with an origami box garland.

love groupings, colorful, light background, texture in the wooden box. focus. #bywstudent

They accomplished this design with air filters, duct tape, and some LED lighting. Benjamin bought 76 air filters ($1.30 each). Then he bought 12 rolls of duct tape ($3.40 each). Total cost: $140.

Envelope Punchboard Box for Two Jumbo Tea Lights ( Call Me Crafty ~ Linda Parker )

Mosaic table, 'light box', spiral, mosaic art. £1,250.00, via Etsy.

I want to live here! A story house..a level for each book completed! this link has a lot of other fun ideas for families! Translated...

adorable Mo Manning drawing of a little guy ready to fix something ... beautiful coloring with Copic markers ... great expression and attitude ... luv it!!

DIY emergency purse kit; Full makeup essentials compact, Nail Polish remover pads, Bobby Pins, Anti-Dust Chalk (for stains on white clothing!), Tweezers, Travel Deodorant, Nail File, Bandaids, Super glue (for broken shoes or purse...) , Small sewing kit, Hair bands

Monday, January 13, 2014 ZoKris: Inspiration Station: Envelope Punch Board box with tea lights tutorial

Light Up Minecraft Inspired Netherrack/Netherstone Box on Fire Made of Perler Beads with Removable Lid by BraveDeity