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Building a Homemade Photo Light Box; a little ambitious of me to think i might need this, but you never know.

How to make a light box to photograph small items

Make your own DIY Light Box / Light Tent | Simple is Pretty {}

How cool: this light-box is made entirely of reused materials. The glass is recycled antique glass, and the timber frames are made from the flooring of an old school house.

flax & twine: DIY Photo Light Box - A Finish Fifty Project - You're creative, you create new things every day, you sell them, want to show them... but you... need better photos. So you need a Light Box (everyone needs one). :)

Stained Glass house number?

handmade light box display. She put one of those battery operated lights in the back. Mia would love to make this.

light box, mi piacerebbe una version ripiegabile!

POOTLES Stampin' Up! UK Double Oversized Tea Light Box Tutorial Sam is Wonderful, love her ideas.

DIY: glycerine soap gem stones. WOW! (and what if you had a clear tray with water on the light box too?)

GREAT H.S. Graduation Gift Idea (for student going to college!): Basket filled with Flash Light, small First Aid Kit, mini Umbrella, alarm clock, small box of clothes Detergent, wash cloth/hand towel, shower gel, bath/shower accessories, Coat Hangers, write-on/wipe-off board for dorm door, Microwavable popcorn or mac, crackers/cookies, etc. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!

WAWAK Guide To Specialty Threads Has some great pricing on Brand name thread like Maxi Lock for sergers and Zippers but to get free shipping must place order of $100.00 or pay $4.89 for under $100.00.. Thank you Tawanda Maker for the pin!!!! TIP: Store thread out of direct sun light and in boxes or cabinets so it is dust free!!

Light Boxes for Youth Room: tutorial about how they put together some economical light boxes for their stage area of one of their worship spaces.

How to build a constellation light for a little astronomy in the bedroom. Materials you need: Black foam board, Battery powered LED lights, Box cutter/X-Acto knife, Hot glue gun, Awl/screwdriver, Silver Sharpie

Fill an old box with Christmas lights and ornaments for an instant display. It looks like a box of magic! OR, pack someone's special gift inside!

Ruffled+Light+CD+box Weekend DIY | Ruffled Chiffon Fairy Light Box

Need some more light in your life? Check out these transformations of everyday items into lovely light fixtures.

Toilet paper tube printing/painting - Start by covering your paper towel tube with a paper towel. Make sure that you have enough tubes for each child. Let the children squirt paint all over a shallow box. Lay the paper towel tube on one end of the box. Apply light pressure, gently roll the tube across the box, just enough to cover it with paint. Let it dry. Repeat! Repeat!

DIY Home Decorating: 2 layers of thick cardboard (for examples: boxes) and for embellish I covered with fabric. I put hooks for jewelry. Because jewelery is very light, hooks hold well on cardboard. For more strength, cork sheet would be an option. My frames are old mirrors.