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Lip Print Tattoos

Perfect lip print tattoo i would have the union jack instead if red

parents signatures from cards I had saved...tattooed EXACTLY as they were written-no touch ups...placed over my daughter's actual lip print (kiss) so my parents can always help watch over my child

Cute tattoo lips

a close-up of our new tattoos - my gem rock hand cut diamond and joey's inverted kiss mark of my lip print

My best friends lip print tattooed on my shoulder Aug '09 Done by Tim Martin at Brainstorm Tattoos in Fayetteville AR

Lips, kiss, skull and cross bones

Silence plis!!


My tattoo tribute to my mom. My mom's lip print and her handwriting from a letter. When I was little my mom use to kiss a piece of paper with lipstick on when she went out of town so I could still give her a kiss goodnight.

My red lip print tattoo with skull and crossbones!

This but with my husbands lip prints

Jamaican lips and cheetah print heart tattoo :)

Just a kiss.i want Trevor's kiss with me always

loose lips sink ships : opinions on leopard print tattoos?

paper plane tattoo. reminds me of the paperman short story omg so cute. just add the lip print

If I ever get an ass tattoo im pretty sure its gonna be lip prints haha ;) love this piercing sooo cute

i want a tattoo of lips with cheetah print inside them and them forming a heart

Leopard shirt , jewelry, hair, leopard print tattoo, lip piercing, nose piercing

I want a tattoo of marilyn! Black and white and cheetah print lips! (: