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Lonely Wife

Dear Husbands, I ve heard from your wife---she needs your attention. She tells me she s lonely. She feels isolated and ignored. Her life is wrapped around children, work, and/or household chores. She used to feel in love with life, and in love with you, but now she feels worthless and uninteresting. She feels like she s forgotten how to have fun.

This is so true. I felt like this most of my marriage wondering if my wife was truly in love with me or loved me and struggled with distractions at times . It is the most lonely feeling when you travel, far away from home and get the feeling your family would rather you be gone longer. I left like this many times during my 17 years of extensive travel. It got do bad the last 7 years no one would even call for days to see if I were alive. I tried to call as often as I could but would get a call

A letter to the lonely wife, to the tired mama, and to the broken heart...If I could tell you one thing, it is that you are not alone.

|| From Ashes to Beauty Blog “Your husband or wife will have an unbelievable amount of influence over your sons and daughters in regards to spiritual things. If you want your children to love Jesus deeply, hold out for a spouse that's Godly. Don’t settle, because it’s better that you be lonely now than you be married and lonely later. It's better that you be lonely now than for you to get married to a spouse that will teach your kids everything but the way of Jesus.”

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So babe when you learned not only did he not have what you thought he had but that I was leaving w/my share you decided to run away w/your tail between you legs.... SILLY SKANK he was never leaving me for you in the first place..... Soooo stay in your upscale career of living off others, chasing married men while working at a bar & being a lonely bitter woman w/out a family of her own... It fits you ohhh sooo well!!! Being a wife, mom & business owner would have never fit your trashy life style!

Oh, I'm sorry.....only when you need or want something. Let your new wth wife do it...oh I forgot she's about as ignorant as an ant.

This not only includes your husband/wife and children, this also includes outside family members; partents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. They need to hear from you because they love you and miss you too. One day you maybe one lonely person have no treasured memories to keep you going because you were too busy to take the time for them.

A Letter To Husbands: If Your Wife Is Lonely . . .

Prayer Of The Day – Healing For The Broken --- Dear Lord, There are many wives who are broken hearted. They are in a marriage, yet feel lonely, lost, isolated, unworthy, abused, taken for granted, unappreciated, and the worst… unloved. May your Holy Spirit cover them in peace […]… Read More Here #marriage #love

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My wife let go before I did but I guess I can understand why. I betrayed her and her family. Dark, lonely times for me right now. Wish Rhonda would have given me one last chance.

I know this is true all too well....homewreckers looking like lonely used bitches!

  • Lynne M. Lyons

    It takes two. If you catch your husband once and tell him if you do this again its over, why do they not believe it. And the next time different B!*#, you tell her this will be what he will do next, try to come back home. Why dont they believe you??

  • Lynne M. Lyons

    True, "if" the wife takes him back. She can have him.

Way of Life....Completely agree! Often times creativity, be it musical, or crafting, is the only thing that gets me by since moving back to the small town life again. Great to keep a busy mind sometimes... especially in the lonely, farm-wife months ;) The kids love silly concerts with our hairbrush microphones & craft time with Mommy too, so in the end it all works out 💕

Proud Navy wife :) My husband was deployed for 4 tours to Vietnam ; and those were long, lonely years. Mail arrived infrequently and there were no cell phones or Internet services in those days! But, I would never trade those days! I love my Navy man today and always!

Lonely? I love this so much.

The guy nearly always goes back to his girlfriend/wife (If she still wants him)and when he does you’ll just be a lonely homewrecking bitch!

Inspirational Military Wife/Girlfriend Quotes - "ARMY; be safe, sleep with a soldier" - "Who needs prince charming, when i'm in love with a soldier" - "My hero doesn't wear a cape or tights; he doesn't have superpowers and he can't lift cars, but he fights to defend his country, and that is enough for me" -"Being an army girlfriend is my superpower" - "There is nothing sexier than a man in his ACU's" - "I am sexually deprived for YOUR freedom" - "I have promised to be here for him up...

PostSecret: Widower lonely for even anonymous touch

Read the whole bible - don't just pick and choose! Scary, ain't it?!!

i wish my fiancee could see this side of the fight.... none of these things make up for he fact that he is gone.. but i struggle through countless lonely nights because of the army... and the truth is... if i had to? i would do it all over again.

He looks lonely, nothing wrong with that, he misses his wife of so many years Ruth. Thank you Ruth for having shared your husband with us all!!