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Lonely Wife

This not only includes your husband/wife and children, this also includes outside family members; partents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. They need to hear from you because they love you and miss you too. One day you maybe one lonely person have no treasured memories to keep you going because you were too busy to take the time for them.

This is so true. I felt like this most of my marriage wondering if my wife was truly in love with me or loved me and struggled with distractions at times . It is the most lonely feeling when you travel, far away from home and get the feeling your family would rather you be gone longer. I left like this many times during my 17 years of extensive travel. It got do bad the last 7 years no one would even call for days to see if I were alive. I tried to call as often as I could but would get a call

Inspirational Military Wife/Girlfriend Quotes - "ARMY; be safe, sleep with a soldier" - "Who needs prince charming, when i'm in love with a soldier" - "My hero doesn't wear a cape or tights; he doesn't have superpowers and he can't lift cars, but he fights to defend his country, and that is enough for me" -"Being an army girlfriend is my superpower" - "There is nothing sexier than a man in his ACU's" - "I am sexually deprived for YOUR freedom" - "I have promised to be here for him up...

I've never shared this image with anyone, but once someone asked how I managed to live with my narc. I felt like a prisoner in my own home, controlled, abused in every way,always being watched, walking on eggshells, high stress= losing my hair, grinding my teeth, facial breakouts. Kept woman/business partner =me his wife of 11 yrs. I was his supply. I sang Cinderella when cleaning because at my lowest it was how he made me feel=slave=see pic. More lonely married than now being single.

How Makkaĥ became established? Sayyidunā Ibrāĥīm’s son, Sayyidunā Ismā’īl Alaihis'salam was born in Syria to Sayyidatunā Ĥājraĥ RaddiAllahu An'ha. Sayyidunā Ibrāĥīm’s wife, Sayyidatunā Sara RaddiAllahu An'ha did not have any children, and due to envy, she asked Sayyidunā Ibrāĥīm Alaihis'salam to separate Sayyidatunā Ĥājraĥ RaddiAllahu An'ha and her son, Sayyidunā Ismā’īl and take them somewhere far away from her. Allah Azzawajal provided a mean for this to take place. Therefore, a divine revelation revealed upon Sayyidunā Ibrāĥīm Alaihis'salam to take Sayyidatunā Ĥājraĥ RaddiAllahu An'ha and Sayyidunā Ismā’īl Alaihis'salam and leave them on such a land where there is no sign of water and nothing else except plain fields and dry mountains. Therefore, Sayyidunā Ibrāĥīm Alaihis'salam made a journey along with Sayyidatunā Ĥājraĥ RaddiAllahu An'ha and his son Sayyidunā Ismā’īl Alaihis'salam and came to the place where the sacred Ka’baĥ is situated today. At that time, there was no population nor was any spring of water and nor was there any sign of water or human being until far and wide. Sayyidunā Ibrāĥīm Alaihis'salam placed some dates in a pot and filled a skin sack with water and departed from there. Sayyidatunā Ĥājraĥ RaddiAllahu An'ha called out, ’O Prophet, where are you going leaving us helpless on our own in this lonely desert where there is neither any helper, nor any condoler?’ Sayyidatunā Ĥājraĥ RaddiAllahu An'ha called out many times but he did not reply back. In the end, Sayyidatunā Ĥājraĥ RaddiAllahu An'ha asked a question and requested him, ‘Are you leaving us out here of your own will or are you fulfilling the command of Almighty Allah Azzawajal by doing so?’ Then he replied: ‘O Ĥājraĥ! Whatever I have done is the command of Allah Azzawajal’ After hearing this, Sayyidatunā Ĥājraĥ RaddiAllahu An'ha said, ‘You may leave now. I have a stern belief and complete faith that Almighty Allah Azzawajal will not let me or my son get harmed.’ After this, Sayyidunā Ibrāĥīm Alaihis'salam made a long supplication and came back to Syria. After a few days, when the dates and water ran out, severe hunger and thirst came upon Sayyidatunā Ĥājraĥ RaddiAllahu An'ha . The milk of her chest had also dried out and her baby started suffering due to hunger and thirst. She ran between the hills ofṢSafā and Marwā seven times in search for water but there was no sign of water anywhere. Moreover, the condition of Sayyidunā Ismā’īl Alaihis'salam was such that due to severe thirst, he was weeping severely and tapping his heels on the ground. Sayyidunā Jibrāīl Alaihis'salam struck his foot near Sayyidunā Ismā’īl’s heels and a spring of water gushed forth from there. This water possessed characteristics like milk and used to work both as food and water. Therefore, by drinking the water of Zamzam, Sayyidatunā Ĥājraĥ RaddiAllahu An'ha and Sayyidunā Ismā’īl Alaihis'salam survived. Sayyidunā Ismā’īl Alaihis'salam grew up, reached his years of maturity and started hunting. Thus hunting and the water of Zamzam became the means of their living. Then some people of the tribe of Jarĥam came there grazing their goats and after seeing the spring of water, they started living there with the permission of Sayyidatunā Ĥājraĥ RaddiAllahu An'ha. Furthermore, Sayyidunā Ismā’īl Alaihis'salam got married to a girl of this tribe and slowly, a settlement was established there. Subsequently, there was a command of Allah Azzawajal to Sayyidunā Ibrāĥīm Alaihis'salam about the construction of the Holy Ka’baĥ. Therefore, Sayyidunā Ibrāĥīm Alaihis'salam constructed the Holy Ka’baĥ with the help of his son, Sayyidunā Ismā’īl Alaihis'salam. At that time, Sayyidunā Ibrāĥīm Alaihis'salam invoked a long Du’ā for his children as well as the inhabitants of Makkaĥ. That Du’ā is mentioned in different verses of the Holy Quran. In Sūraĥ Ibrāĥīm, some portion of his Du’ā is mentioned in the following way: ‘O our Rab! I have settled some of my descendants in a valley having no cultivation, near Your Sacred House - O our Rab! So that they may keep the prayer established, therefore incline some hearts of men towards them, and provide them fruits to eat - perhaps they may be thankful.’ [Kanz-ul-Īmān (Translation of Quran)] (Part 13, Sūraĥ Ibrāĥīm, Verse 37) This is the beginning of the history of the establishment of Makkaĥ Mukarramaĥ that is proven from the Holy Quran. Effect of Sayyidunā Ibrāĥīm’s Du’ā: In this Du’ā, Sayyidunā Ibrāĥīm Alaihis'salam asked for two things from Almighty Allah Azzawajal The first was that the hearts of some people may be attracted towards his offspring, and the second was that these people may have fruits as their food. In Sha Allah Azzawajal, these supplications of Sayyidunā Ibrāĥīm Alaihis'salam were accepted. Therefore, the hearts of the people attracted towards the inhabitants of Makkaĥ in such a way that today, billions of people are anxious to behold the sacred land of Makkaĥ. Throughout every era, Muslims have strived and endured many hardships to go to Makkaĥ through land, sea and air, and will continue to do so until the Day of Judgment. The abundance of fruit in the food of the people of Makkaĥ is to such an extent that despite there being no growth of fruit in Makkaĥ or in its surroundings, neither there is any cultivation nor any garden in its vicinity, but still people are astonished to see such various varieties of dry fruits and fruits being available in the bazaars of Makkaĥ. Allah Almighty Azzawajal has blessed the land of Ṭāif to yield fruits of all types and a variety of fruits and vegetables are transported from there to Makkaĥ. Furthermore, a huge variety of fruits and dry fruits are also imported to Makkaĥ from different European countries, as well as Egypt and Iraq. All this is due to the blessings of the invocations of Sayyidunā Ibrāĥīm Alaihis'salam which undoubtedly are amongst the true wonders of the world. After this, Sayyidunā Ibrāĥīm Alaihis'salam invoked the following Du’ā for his progeny as well as all the believers. O my Rab! Maintain me as one who establishes prayer, and some of my descendants; O our Rab! And accept my prayer.’ ‘O our Rab! And forgive me, and my parents, and all the Muslims on the day when the account will be established.’ [Kanz-ul-Īmān (Translation of Quran)] (Part 13, Sūraĥ Ibrāĥīm, Verse 40-41) Moral lesson From this anecdote, we specially come to know two things: 1. Sayyidunā Ibrāĥīm Alaihis'salam was extremely obedient to Almighty Allah Azzawajal. The son that was born to him in his old age after lots of supplications, who was the light of his eyes and tranquillity of his heart, it was natural for him that he could not separate himself from his son. But when Allah Azzawajal commanded: ‘O Ibrāĥīm, take your beloved son and his mother away from your house and leave them n the valley of Bathā, where there is no leaf to hide under and nor is there any drop of water to quench the thirst, neither there is any helper nor any condoler.’ If it was someone else instead of Sayyidunā Ibrāĥīm Alaihis'salam, his heart would have trembled just by imagining this scene. Due to sorrow, his heart would get torn into pieces. But Sayyidunā Ibrāĥīm Alaihis'salam neither grieved after listening to this command of Allah Azzawajal nor thought over it even for a moment. He did not lose his consciousness due to the grief and sorrow either. On the contrary, in order to fulfil the command of Allah Azzawajal, Sayyidunā Ibrāĥīm Alaihis'salam immediately left from Syria and went to the land of Makkaĥ with his wife and son and returned to Syria after leaving them there. Allāhu Akbar! May our lives be sacrificed on such passion of obedience and submission! 2. From the supplications that Sayyidunā Ibrāĥīm Alaihis'salam invoked with immense affection for the prosperity and popularity of his progeny; the lesson that we learn from it is that to love one’s children and to supplicate for them is the sacred way of the respected Prophets. Therefore, for Muslims to act upon these practices is a source for our reformation and prosperity. Wallahu Ta'ala Aalam! Courtesy Mirza, Almighty Allah, Ĥājraĥ Raddiallahu, Allah Azzawaj, Mi Nyatürd Kabe, Ibrāĥīm Alaihis Salame, Bizim Şehirlerimiz, Ismā Īl Alaihis Salame, Mirza Meraj

Makah Courtesy Mirza, Almighty Allah, Ĥājraĥ Raddiallahu, Allah Azzawaj, Mi Nyatürd Kabe, Ibrāĥīm Alaihis Salame, Bizim Şehirlerimiz, Ismā Īl Alaihis Salame, Mirza Meraj


Dear Husbands, I ve heard from your wife---she needs your attention. She tells me she s lonely. She feels isolated and ignored. Her life is wrapped around children, work, and/or household chores. She used to feel in love with life, and in love with you, but now she feels worthless and uninteresting. She feels like she s forgotten how to have fun.

The guy nearly always goes back to his girlfriend/wife (If she still wants him)and when he does you’ll just be a lonely homewrecking bitch!

My wife let go before I did but I guess I can understand why. I betrayed her and her family. Dark, lonely times for me right now. Wish Rhonda would have given me one last chance.