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Long Grey Hair

Grey gray silver long curled Hair

Diane Keaton. Diane’s texturised lob (that’s long bob) and youthful highlights are a winning combo. Dishevelled layers are great for hiding grey strands and unhealthy hair.

Hair like this is worth giving up the bottle! || Beautiful, healthy long gray hair!

Cut; Long asymmetrical combination (Graduation, increase layered form) longer exterior, choppy interior [Activated, concave] Color; Black and grey/silver.white Product; Rootlift, straightening balm, hair spray Maintenance; Trims, toning, coloring regrowth, frequent styling, flat ironing

Manon Crespi at Women's Jewelry Association Colorado Chapter Jewelry Night Out on September 12, 2013. Dress by Gino Velardi, Necklace by Andrea Li.

I started going grey in high school. If I stopped dying my hair I bet this is what it would look like. Thinking more about my plan of action to let it go natural.

LOVE the dark eyebrows with platinum silver hair! White Hot - long grey straight hair style (21701)

Older women with long hair; the beauty of the look is the fact that this smart lady has not fallen for the hype that grey/white/silver hair makes you look old - these colors are the most beautiful hair colors of all and well worth waiting for...

Thinking or growning out your naturally "highlighted" hair? Beautiful skin is a must! Grace For Face Natural skin care has some amazing results ! You can order it here and get $50.00 off with coupon code 0813GFF0613 go to

Grey hair ... yesss! We don't care what anyone says... #grey #hair rocks! whoa-nytail! Gorgeous high #hair

This will be me someday, with my long grey hair still doing yoga.

Nirvana Tarah Wig in dark brown highlighted with golden blonde. Super long bangs! If I decide to let my hair go natural with the grey showing through, this might ease the transition.

long grey hair with curl

This is my dream grey hair when I get to that point.Long thick salt and pepper locks

Long Silver Hair | Mature Web Collection - long grey straight hair styles (1114)

My goal in life is to be an older lady with long grey hair that's well kept instead of cutting it all off like most older ladies. mature women long hairstyle with layers_hair styles for women over 50 years old

If you're not brave enough for all over silver, Great Lengths has a range of fashion strands "crazy silver" if you're into a few "smoke" tendrils throughout your hair.

For @Design Unlimited Long Nelson "There comes a point where a woman must cut her hair short," and "Grey hair doesn't look right worn long." I have to say... NO! to both those statements. Take a look at the gorgeous Yasmina Rossi. How old? She's 54. Image courtesy of Cesar Mascarenhas under the Creative Commons license.

Long burgundy red and grey ombre are on my list first, after that I'll cut of my long hair!

I'm SO debating on if I should cut my hair like this or grow it out