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I'm in love with this tattoo!!!

My new finger tattoo , love it!! Viking symbol meaning ' create your own reality' or as i like to think change your perception change you world.

60 Lovely Ring Finger Tattoos For Couples | How to Tattoo?

i love the simplicity of a small tattoo hidden somewhere. like on your finger, wrist or ankle

Other one word statements I would consider: Faith. Hope. Love. Commitment. Grace.

love | would use this as a wedding tattoo on the inside of my finger...except her hand forever we will and on his always be. Or something like that.

It's on the wedding finger because the wedding finger has a direct route to your heart. It symbolizes true love for yourself, a big thing that most people lack. so presh. I really want this.

Justin Hicks - finger print heart tattoo...omg just decided my next tattoo...Merrick and his sister finger prints!

Beautiful flower design tattoo on feet and fingers. Love! I want something feminine on my feet!

Tattoo idea, man get's his girl's finger print and woman get's her man's finger print. Love it.

I love these! Don't think I could do hand tattoos though... Too hard to cover....(>> hey tattoos aren't meant to be covered!)

Heart tattoo on ring finger. LOVE!!!

My tattoo. Christian "Jesus" fish on the inside of my ring finger. Christ will be the foundation of my marriage (when i get married) and will always be under my wedding ring.

(Past) heart tattoo....Love this! I wanna get three small hearts holding hands on my pinky finger or my wrist. My siblings and I used to draw cute little animated hearts of our family all the time. I want the words "A cord of three is not easily broken" if it is on my wrist.

Do the kids' finger prints...~k Very cool idea, heart tattoo of you and your loved ones finger prints! I must get this!

Would love to do mine and Mason's finger print in a heart! How cool!

KING & QUEEN finger this!

tattoo fingers heart anchor cross. Yes! Maybe somewhere other than fingers though

finger tattoos - palm side though

  • Katie Flame

    Just as a heads up, any decent tattoo artist will strongly sway you from doing a palm side tattoo because of fading!

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love finger tattoo