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Mark Gatiss

"These guys: Mark Gatiss, Rupert Graves, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Andrew Scott. This is quite attractive."

full tick tock lyrics - If I have kids I'm going to sing them to sleep with this and when they ask me what it means I will get to tell them the most detailed awesome bed time story.

Of course he's on tumblr. Where else did he get those crazy ideas for The Empty Hearse?

Can't remember if I already pinned this. Either way, "My name is Mark Gatiss and I will kill again!" *maniacal laughter*

Robots of Sherwood: The episode was written by Sherlock writer and star Mark Gatiss

BBC's Sherlock Cast out of character. Love Mark Gatiss' photo. Such iconic portraiture.

Ah, "The Lazarus Experiment." Simultaneously a thought-provoking episode, the first time I ever saw or heard of Mark Gatiss, and one of those episodes you're still not sure you should talk about. ;P

Mark Gatiss and Martin Freeman // Can't we find a moment to appreciate Martin's lovely tummy? ♥♥♥

SOO OK i noticed all of these "lazarus" references in supernatural, doctor who, and sherlock, and IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW. The biblical Lazarus is known for being brought back from the dead. In doctor who "the lazarus experiment", its referring to mark gatiss using a machine to make him young again. In sherlock, it's the code name for the plan to fake Sherlock's death. And in Supernatural "Lazarus rising" its for Dean being raised from hell and being brought back to life. Fuck yeah superwholock.

I feel like this will turn into a "places Mark Gatiss shouldn't be" along with a waving David tennant, snake hips Hiddleston and groovin Batch/Fassy.

Sherlock Holmes, worst best friend. I LOVED this part! So far this is my favorite episode! <--- Well, Mark Gatiss IS a genius, so what do you expect? :)

Mark Gatiss, co-creator and actor in BBC "Sherlock" gives an interview.

sherlock martin freeman Benedict Cumberbatch mark gatiss sherlockgif john is so cute here :3 so confuuuseeddd

Mark Gatiss, ladies and gentlemen. Tom Hiddleston / Coriolanus

The day Mark Gatiss dressed as a ginger doctor back in 1999 (so before the reboot) he took these images of himself for #285 Doctor who magazine. Your welcome.

"Mark Gatiss is one of my heroes!!! He's so great and evil ^^"

"We join the story at just the right point, when Watson joins Holmes - Without him, Holmes is a rather unbearable man. He's going out there as well. He's getting further and further away, like a distant star. And this man arrives, who essentially makes him more human and together they make a perfect unit." - Mark Gatiss

This may be the most evil thing Mark Gatiss has ever tweeted. <-- You sassy wench, SHOW THE FANDOM THE VIDEO!!

Male actors of Sherlock. Mark Gatiss, Rupert Graves, Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Andrew Scott. Looking like bad boys.

Amanda Abbington and Mark Gatiss. Too, too cute! now we have to see ian and martin!

anything that makes sherlock that happy and john that horrified simultaneously can't be good.

Woah, Mark Gatiss played Lazarus in Doctor Who and in sherlock wrote the code word to be lazarus..... thats creepy and cool!