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Mark Gatiss

What! Mark Gatiss! What are you doing in Despicable Me 2?<<< Oh my god...Mycroft what are you doing?!

londonphile: Last day on block 2 of #Sherlock. It’s been a blast as ever! Episode 3 begins shooting later in the summer. Beautiful shot! Thanks Mark Gatiss.

The day Mark Gatiss dressed as a ginger doctor back in 1999 (so before the reboot) he took these images of himself for #285 Doctor who magazine. Your welcome.

So Mark Gatiss changed his twitter profile background to Redbeard......

THE GEEKIARY (September 5, 2014) ~ SHERLOCK and DOCTOR WHO News from Mark Gatiss's Reddit AMA. [Click for article & video]

BBC Sherlock guys. All of them, my husbands. minus Mark Gatiss, although he's is a genius. he is gay.

BBC 'Sherlock' Season 4 Spoilers: Benedict Cumberbatch Talks Moriarty Return, Mark Gatiss Trying to Recruit 'Avengers' Tom Hiddleston

Cast and writers of Sherlock when they were young. Benedict Cumberbatch, Andrew Scott, Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat, and Martin Freeman. Moffat still looks evil even as a child.

"He’s one of the few people I know who can really convince you he’s mad, that he’s psychotic, even though he’s very attractive and looks inoffensive. He’s not a huge, terrifying figure, but there’s something terrible behind those eyes. There’s something dead in him… like something else is inside him." - Mark Gatiss on Andrew Scott.

"MARK GATISS SEES YOU WHEN YOU DRAW FANART" -unless it was drawn after the fact..:/ I truly hope before hand though, because that would simply too perfect and precious.

Mark Gatiss understands my summer plans perfectly.

These people rock. Benedict Cumberbatch. Martin Freeman. Rupert Graves. Mark Gatiss.

Male actors of Sherlock. Mark Gatiss, Rupert Graves, Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Andrew Scott. Looking like bad boys.

I like how, with this exception of Benedict, this partially shows their on-screen personalities, Moriarty is making an O, Watson is half fearful and trying to do something about it, and Mycroft is struck by the absurdity of those around him

"Martin Freeman's performance in The Reichenbach Fall. Also the preferred writing methodology of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss." Sherlock summed up.

Sherlock Holmes, worst best friend. I LOVED this part! So far this is my favorite episode! <--- Well, Mark Gatiss IS a genius, so what do you expect? :)

Martin - Mark Gatiss - Jeremy Lovering - behind the scenes - BBC Sherlock - The Empty Hearse

Mark Gatiss on After Who Live.