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Marriage Symbol Tattoos

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Maori woman. The permanent blue stain on a Maori woman’s tattooed mouth symbolized female beauty among her people in New Zealand. The personal facial tattoo, or moko, communicated her lineage, social position, and marriage eligibility. Photograph from Iles Photo/submitted by Chas J. Glidden, circa 1919

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Cross tattoo on your wedding band finger as a symbol of the importance of Christ in your marriage...I'd love to get this as a white ink tattoo.

This would be the exact tattoo I'd want under our rings on the ring finger if I ever get married again!.....dv

wedding ring tattoos. My husband and I have the eternity symbol on our fingers! To me it's more meaningful than a ring (which we both have). It can't be removed like a ring and the whole symbol of death do you part (eternity) hasten lost in a lot of marriages what an awesome reminder ♥

Tattoo Symbols for Marriage | 25 Awesome Lock And Key Tattoos | athenna-design | Web Design | Design ...

small white ink tattoo. Would love to have this in the psy trident symbol on one of my wrists or even my marriage tattoo on my ring finger in white.

The endless knot is a symbol for family ties, marriage and it symbolizes union, and eternal bonds of devotion. 50+ Meaningful Tattoo Ideas | Cuded

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Tattoo! Yep, I got one :) It's all seven of the kids' names made into a cross around an infinity symbol that makes the basis of a heart with mine and hubby's name inside and our marriage date in the middle of it all, with the day (7) inside the infinity symbol since it's God's number of perfect completion AND the number of kids we have. Couldn't be better :)

his and her tattoos

marriage tattoo symbols | Traditional Chinese Symbol For Marriage! Download Free Chinese Tattoo!

Tattoo Symbols for Marriage | 25 Awesome Lock And Key Tattoos | athenna-design | Web Design | Design ...

New tattoo that symbolizes my son and my marriage :)

His And Her Tattoos Symbols Of Marriage | ... also has an Egyptian ankh tattoo located on his inner right ankle

Rose and dagger tattoo. Symbolizes the harsh reality of life or the strength and endurance needed to live.

Tattoo Symbols for Marriage | Angel's Memorial Tattoos - Family or group Tribute tattoos

Hubby's new tattoo...Symbol of our decision to make Christ the center of our marriage and our favorite poem. ♥

Cherry blossom tattoo, exactly what I want. This will forever symbolize my marriage to my best friend!!!!

Would love a tattoo like that as a symbol for my marriage because we had lilies and ivy everywehere at our wedding (from the std-card to the decoration)

Christian symbolism: "One in the Spirit", symbol often used for marriage...I would love to have this as a charm on my family necklace or husband & I were married 32 years on 5/22/13...God is the head of our house...