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Married Couple Tattoos

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I think it'd be cool to do a tat for a married couple that's kind of like this so that it lines up when you hold hands. It would say "What God has joined together, let no man separate."

#Branded with ink. Some married couples make tattoos look really good!

i am thinking deeply about me and aaron getting this for a married couple tattoo. (Eternity) is what it stand for, LOVE the idea.

  • Tiffany Lynn

    @ Danyl, Thats EXACTLY what a wedding ring means.

  • Kelly Evans

    Am I missing something? This symbol means infinite not eternity?

  • Brittany Smith

    I love their tattoo. My husband and I recently got married and thought about doing this tattoo but did our wedding date instead.

  • Patty Ybarra

    I meant "I" ...not u.. sorry :)

  • Patty Ybarra

    U say bad idea beacuse my current boyfriend had to cover his up... his said "hers"... now his entire left hand is tattooed... i think getting the same tattoos is a cute idea... just not in the left ring finger.... just my opinion guys

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Cute for a married couple tattoo. too bad the pronunciation at the bottom is wrong lol

One love One heart One day, when I'm truly in love and married to the man of my dreams, we'll get a couples tattoo.♥

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Unique Tattoo Designs For Couples: Romantic Tattoo Designs For Married Couples On Hand ~ Men Tattoos Inspiration

Not many people would consider "The Empire Strikes Back" as befitting of everlasting love, but "Star Wars" fans are an unorthodox bunch, as evidenced by the unique tattoos a married couple got in lieu of wedding bands.

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King of hearts and Queen of hearts couple finger tattoo! So cute! Totally wanna do this when I'm married :-)

matching couple tattoos | Matching Tattoos for Couples married | High Fashion Update

  • Jennifer McCoy

    I like the idea but i would do a different symbol. Verses are perfect though for husband and wifey tat

This is too cute! Married couple matching tattoos

Blacklight ring tattoos, this is a cool thing for bestfriends or either a married couple

Couple tattoo me and my husbands I hold the lock he holds the key on our married finger

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Looks like a D, simple small couples tattoo? after im married.....

cute couple mickey & minnie tattoo. for the disney lover in you ♥

Each others thumbprints made their hearts. Soon to be married couple, celebrating their love #tattoo

Yup, if i ever get married, my husband and I will have matching tattoos....nothing girly tho. Maybe something similar, tho not exactly, like this. hmmmmm

Couples tattoo great idea after you get married to your best friend.

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couple tattoos | Tumblr Perfect for married couples. ♥

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