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Martin Freeman interview ... "its like they've been spying" Martin you little troll!

LOL!!!!! Martin in Richard III!! And this is so like him that I KNOW it's true. I can hear it AND see it. :D// Me too!!! =D

Tom Hiddleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman

Apparently when Martin Freeman's family visited him in New Zealand during the filming of The Hobbit, Sir Ian would babysit so they could have an evening out. Imagine him reading The Hobbit to them in his Gandalf voice! - Dear God!

Martin Freeman's and Benedict Cumberbatch's messages to Comic-Con. Bennie reveals how Sherlock survived the fall.

Don't forget the Hedgehog in Martin Freeman and the Otter in Benedict Cumberbatch lol

"Everyone's been asking us if we're going any further with the relationship between John and Sherlock, and I'm thinking, well, why not? I really don't see the problem with it, and Mark (Gatiss) has already asked us if it would be an issue if we were to kiss on screen. Of course he was joking, but I wouldn't mind at all." - Martin Freeman

"Martin Freeman, who's such a little bastard.." Bilbo, Fili and Kili silliness :)

My ideal man. As I sat watching I said to my friend: “He’s lovely, isn’t he? I’d love to meet him.” Then a couple of months later I did. - Amanda Abbington about Martin Freeman For years I’ve always known I wasn’t the best actor in my house. So I think the fact that the industry is kind of catching up with that, I couldn’t be more pleased for her. I’m her number one fan. - Martin Freeman about Amanda Abbington

When he and Martin Freeman shared a moment on The Hobbit red carpet. | 37 Times In 2013 Benedict Cumberbatch Proved He Was King Of The Internet

Hahaha David Tennant, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Martin Freeman

The tag! He's going to be a beautiful grumpy old man yelling at kids to get off his lawn. Probably true.

Martin Freeman, everybody. Makes me giggle every time :)

people have pinned this before and i'm pinning again because it's just soo beautiful. and though it's long it's worth EVERY second you spend reading it. <-- Why?!?

Behold: The most adorable look Martin Freeman has ever made on BBC's Sherlock.

lyndsayfaye: Let’s play How Many Faces Can Martin Freeman Make In Under Two Seconds. <---- That describes this gif perfectly.