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Simplicity at it's finest! Custom fitted white shirt paired with a medium dark jean and a tan leather belt. Defiantly No extras! It would defeat the purpose of this style! Lovin' it!

White shoes, gray pants, brown belt, white watch button up long sleeved blue and white shirt and dark blue tie. #mens #style

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Warmer weather vibe. A worn-in chino/cargo with a linen or cotton shirt... perhaps minus the chesty, taco meat. haha

simple boots, simple jeans, white shirt and a black coat

Harry Rosen. Sticking with one color can work. Navy blue suit looks nice with light blue tie and lighter blue shirt. The '60s crisp look to the white pocket square is a nice touch. Black belt works. Safe, yes. Classy, yes. If only the model had blue eyes to match his look.

Here are two examples of functional clothing for men. A suit and tie may be uncomfortable and irritating at times and men feel more comfortable in baggy pants and shirts. As much as this look has a little bagginess affect to it, it is still well put together. The fresh, new white, nike shoes help make the outfit look stylish and fresh.

Mens Fashion - Grey blazer with black trim, white shirt, black tie, gingham pocket square, black tie clip, black lapel flower

Navy suit, white shirt, navy sweater and brown shoes. Perfect & classic #style Men's fashion

it's just a fact that all men look great in a white dress shirt.

What does it say about me that I often find myself appreciating how these people look, but I have this association in my head (probably from college and an overgrown sense of class consciousness) with douchiness?

if i wear a black wedding dress... he wears the suit jacket like that but white under shirt, w/ black bowtie, grayish vest? and not sure about the pants..... ideas anyway

Love that tie, sets of the white shirt and green cardigan, men's style

A well-tailored slim fit pinstriped navy suit paired with a lighter blue dress shirt always creates a winning look. And this gentleman knows that a pocket square is always a nice touch. Please follow my board for tips on men's fashion and style!

Men's Fashion: Tan Jacket, White T-shirt & Black Pants.

off-white chinos (which we have), a white shirt, and a grey textured blazer (like herringbone, etc).

You don't have to like suspenders or skinny ties to like gingham printed button ups for your man! Weddings don't have to be stuffy blank-and-white tuxes! Printed long sleve button ups can be as formal or casual as you want--add a bow tie or a vest, a formal jacket or a corduroy jacket! Plus these shirts aren't pricey and come in all sorts of colors.

Classic blue and grey dominate this season's blazers. Easy to wear over a crisp white shirt or why not a casual granddad top?