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Minion Food

Food | Cupcake Cutie | Minion Cupcakes - by Cupcakecreations @ - cake decorating website

DIY Minion Cupcakes Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

Despicable Me 2 Minion Plastic Spoons (I choose blue spoons to look like their overalls) Yellow Candy Melts Candy Eyeballs Chocolate Sprinkles Black Icing & Small Icing Tip Wax Paper Cookie Sheet Candy Treat Plastic Wrappers

Minion Cake Pops by Bakerella - detailed instructions on how to create these adorable dudes just in time for the new movie

Minion cake - If I knew how to use fondant, I would make a purple minion (for C) about to eat the small cake (for L).

Minion Cupcakes Twinkies, halved. If you are making a dozen you’ll need six Twinkies) Smarties for eyes. (buy a lot of Smarties to get enough white ones. The ratio of white to colored is pretty bad.) Black icing tube for details Chocolate jimmies (sprinkles). The longer ones make better hair, so look for those ones. Blue (or whatever color you want) frosting or icing. Color with food coloring.

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A fruit salad minion is a great snack for an outdoor movie party - A Southern Outdoor Cinema movie snack & food idea for outdoor movie events.

Despicable Me Minion Sheet Cake. Ingredients: yellow cake mix, butter, eggs, whipped whipped cream frosting, yellow food color, blue decorating icing, black string licorice, chocolate-covered peppermint patty, milk chocolate candy drops, chewy choclate candies, corn syrup, silver decorating sugar, easy flow black decorating icing

Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons: A Despicable Me Breakfast! Gru and minion food.

Purple minion cupcakes. Made with half Twinkie and sprayed with Wilton Purple Color Mist food color spray & Wilton monster eye candies and white sprinkles for teeth. Black gel icing to trace goggles and make frown for sprinkles to stick.

Omg just made a food boars for these little guys too presh!!

Havin a bad bad day it's about time that I get my way people still don't do whatever I say un un Despicable Me

Candy Corn Cheesecake: Using a checkerboard pan, make the perfect candy corn cheesecake. Follow your fave cheesecake recipe, and then divide the batter into three bowls. Add orange, bright yellow, or light yellow food coloring to each portion, and then pour into the pan. Then simply bake (or refrigerate) and enjoy!

Despicable Me Minion Sheet Cake - Latest Food

Minion Jelly Beans - Party Planning - Party Ideas - Cute Food - Holiday Ideas -Tablescapes - Special Occasions And Events - Party Pinching

Minions Food Art

Dispicable Me Minions ... These guys are super cute and fairly easy to make. Just a little time consuming.

Minion Christmas Cake for 2013

A fruit salad minion is a great snack for an outdoor movie party - A Southern Outdoor Cinema movie snack & food idea for outdoor movie events.

Large Purple Minion Cake with Smaller Minion Cupcakes