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Miscarriage Tattoo

Thinking about getting a tattoo in memory of my miscarriage, adding "always in my heart" under/ around in white ink?

My tattoo...once I have our son I want to put his name inside the heart and 2 small stars for the miscarriage I had that was twins

Miscarriage tattoo idea.. for hearing the heartbeat those three times... and then one of the ultrasound pictures has got the bpm and the heartbeat monitor thing on it... I love this idea...

Tattoo to commemorate a miscarriage. If you look closely one half of the heart is a baby's footprint. The pink was chosen to indicate the gender. Done by Drew @ Artistic Creations in Dunbar, WV.

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Butterfly tattoo combined with footprints to represent number of miscarriages/babies/kids.

Miscarriage tattoo.. Too beautiful for earth. For you @Nicki Clark Mattox and all the other mothers who sent their angels to heaven

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Children tattoo. "This Tattoo is on my wrist. I got this to represent my kids. The sparkles represent the two miscarriages that I had." I LOVE that this incorporates the miscarried children. They're our children too.

Too Beautiful for Earth! My memorial tattoo for miscarriage!

miscarriage tattoo put name and or date under it

I really wanna get something like this in memory of my unborn baby that passed away, Instead of the baby id like it to be a footprint.

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Miscarriage awareness tattoo. I never new there was a ribbon specifically for that. Such a cute tattoo idea.

Tattoo I want on my other side... I would have three solid and two outline stars added to it too, along with seven much smaller twinkles swirling down. (For my three kids, my two older kids, and the seven miscarriages I've had... only including the miscarriages because they remind me to be thankful for my babies)

Tattoo for miscarriage

Miscarriage tattoo ;( tear !

Thinking about something like this to add to the one I have on my back with the kids' names. Maybe a baby angel like this to memorialize the miscarriage I had before them.

The latest one. Tattoo for Miscarriage no2. linked in with my rib tattoo just under my boob.

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miscarriage remembrance tattoo... (3/2/14) for the baby we lost in 2009

Baby Angel Tattoo On Chest. This would be so sweet of you had a miscarriage or something happened to your baby..

Footsteps tattoo memory miscarriage