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Am I the only one who is seeing the potential for a great dog toy? The instuctions are simple enough. I think, I will give it a whirl. (pun intended)

How to make a Monkey's Fist. Could I make one from Zpagetti yarn?

Easy monkey fist tutorial, great for first learning how to make one

Sailor's Knot Door Stopper | 36 Utterly Charming Nautical DIYs

Paracord Monkey Fist. My Opinion: I got so so close. I actually ended up using a youtube tutorial but I started with this. I couldn't get it tightened properly and eventually gave up... I wasted a good amount of string and ending up simply throwing it across the room in frustration....

If you wrap it around a lead ball instead of your fingers, you have yourself a weapon to keep in your purse. :)

create your own monkey fist tool with a wire hanger.

The Monkey Fist knot. Check out our great selection of paracord as super low prices... www.osograndekniv...

Monkey Fist - I remember making these at Girl Scout Camp and again (on my own) in high school. I still have some of them hanging around. -Suzy :)

The large 8-pass paracord monkeys fist knot made easy! Credit where it is due; here is the site I got the jig idea from: paracord-projects... If you like this, be sure to checkout: How to tie ... Steel ball bearings for all your monkey fists.

How to Make a Paracord Monkey Fist. this is to knock out squires that may sneak up on yea

Paracord Self Defense Lanyard ( known as monkey fist) featuring steel ball and metal skull bead w/ welded rings

EXCELLENT video tutorials for decorative knots and I gotta get me some paracord.

Monkeys Fist Directions. This knot makes a great dog toy. They retail for $8-12 in stores, so it's a good one to know to DIY for a pet toy.

DIY – Monkey`s Fist Knot -- I used to know how to do these, but I'd forgotten. Now I know again! :)

Step by Step DIY ` How to make a Monkey Fist. Perfect knot for to finish off a necklace or bracelet. I have also seen friends who play with Fire Spinning make a Rope Dart with this knot. Fun with String macrame and Knots.