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Students got to paint their moon with a mixture of white paint and flour. To complete the moon, they added "craters" using the lid of a water bottle! So much fun and SO cute!

Moon sand -All you need is 5 cups of regular flour and 1 cup of baby oil. Simply mix the two together and it turns into this silky soft sand. You can throw some sand toys into your tray or you can use items such as spoons and measuring cups

DIY moon sand for preschool learning fun. have to be careful with the flour, not sure i would use it. flour can be irritating to the skin. .

Create Moon phases foldable. Leave off the names and have the students identify the phase after they roll the die.

Mrs. Karen's Preschool Ideas: Greatest Art Project EVER!

How to make moon dough, a simple sensory material made from common household ingredients.

they did this art project based on his book Papa Please Get the Moon for Me,by Eric Carle Kindergarten Might change popsicle sticks to other found objects.

Make your own "Moon sand" sensory play...great hands on play for kids

Learn about impact craters on the moon by sculpting and painting your own moon! Interested in learning more about craters? Check out this link and try the flour activity:

Night Owls or creatures of the night- Stopping By Woods or Owl Moon-Camoflauged/nocturnal lesson

N is for Night Sky Letter Recognition Activities

Reaching for the Moon: Make a Button Collage || Simple craft for toddlers and preschoolers who are starting to study astronomy

Art Inspired by Eric Carle's "Papa, please get the moon for me" Celebrating Eric Carle's birthday with a fabulous link party of Eric Carle themed posts!

I was trying to start a blog and thought this would be a cute project to show. It is a fun craft project for kids.

Moon rocks for space theme. My boys had so much fun painting these rocks. Paint rocks then paint on glitter glue.

Could be cute Mother's/Father's day artwork... "I love you to the moon and back"

Weather unit-sun anchor chart. Could also use a cloud, rain drop, etc. On the picture the student would write facts about how the sun, cloud, or rain drop affects temperature, weather, and climate. SS

M is for Moon craft by kasrin.knackebrot

Moppets Lesson for November 7, 2011: Everyone is Important. Craft: Take Home Star and Moon Mobile - Star and Moon Mobile coloring page