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Students got to paint their moon with a mixture of white paint and flour. To complete the moon, they added "craters" using the lid of a water bottle! So much fun and SO cute!

Puffy Paint Moon Craft - Learn about space with this fun sensory activity and kids craft.

FREEBIE: Create your own model to show how the Earth orbits the Sun while the moon travels around the Earth

Moon & stars craft, simple & cute craft to go along with Bible story (like Creation) or books like Goodnight moon

space%2Bparty%2B5 20 ideas for a Fabulous Outer Space Party party decor diy for adults

Mrs. Karen's Preschool Ideas: Greatest Art Project EVER!

DIY moon sand for preschool learning fun. have to be careful with the flour, not sure i would use it. flour can be irritating to the skin. .

Moon sand -All you need is 5 cups of regular flour and 1 cup of baby oil. Simply mix the two together and it turns into this silky soft sand. You can throw some sand toys into your tray or you can use items such as spoons and measuring cups

Love the glue art craters. Great craft to go along with informational writing on the moon.

Make your own "Moon sand" sensory play...great hands on play for kids

M is for Moon craft by kasrin.knackebrot

Reaching for the Moon: Make a Button Collage || Simple craft for toddlers and preschoolers who are starting to study astronomy

Moon Paintings: One of our favorite activities is using salt to create texture on watercolor paintings. In this activity Salt and Glue are used to turn a simple watercolor painting into the surface of the moon! Leave as is for a great Space themed project or add some black card silhouettes and you have a spooky Halloween picture.

Learn about impact craters on the moon by sculpting and painting your own moon! Interested in learning more about craters? Check out this link and try the flour activity:

Could be cute Mother's/Father's day artwork... "I love you to the moon and back"

Oreo Phases of the Moon...what a tasty way to learn!

Simple recipe for moon dust paint - kids will love making moon dust!

Moppets Lesson for November 7, 2011: Everyone is Important. Craft: Take Home Star and Moon Mobile - Star and Moon Mobile coloring page

Homemade Pumpkin Moon Sand Recipe- this moon sand has such a FUN & unique texture. It is sand-like but soft and squishy. It can be molded and holds it's shape really well but also has an OOZE to it. It is really hard to describe and so fun you really must try it for yourself (Kids LOVE this stuff!)