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Moon Phase Tattoo

I love the placement and shape. keeps back open for other pieces.

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a tat of the moon phases!! so cool!!

Tattoo for a werewolf

My own body art! Phases of the moon tattoo. This too shall pass tattoo

If Tyler & I last a really long time I'd love to get my month and for him to get his month. It's matching tattoos that if we separated it wouldn't matter


moon phase tattoo...◡‿◡✿


Lunar phases tattoo

Spine moon

I want the moon phases going down the outside of my right leg, from about mid thigh to mid calf. But I want it more detailed like this, not like those stupid black and white circle ones you always see on everyone's spine.

moon tattoo

Spine Tattoo

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phases of the moon rib

so i don't care how much you love weed, those tattoos are dumb, but the moon phases i'm totally digging.

  • Ashante Davis

    Pot heads......I love you lol ;)

  • Megan Hutchinson

    It's a plant - how is that any different than tattooing a flower, or a tree. It's easy to judge just because you don't like. It's a medicine, so maybe it's healed her. You don't know her story, and I'm sure she didn't get the tattoo with your opinion in mind.

  • Devonie Bow

    Well you get tattoos for yourself so who cares if you like the weed tattoo on her or not.

moon phases tattoo

Where to go?


moon phases I LOVE this!

Looks like it was painted in watercolor. I would SO get this as a tattoo!


Lunar cycle.