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Muscle Guys

this look melts me all the time. Babe does it ... ahh, he needs more ink though so he can look like this guy!

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this is pretty much the the level of muscles I find aesthetically pleasing on a guy. more than this and the guy just comes off as obsessed or a 'roid head to me, idky?..

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Cute! . . . this may not be so cute if the guy isn't big and doesn't have muscles lol

I actually know the guys who invented the Body Beast. He is out of Dallas and was/is the trainer for the latest bachelor! Great Program esp. for guys!

HOW TO LOSE FAT...without losing muscle! (this guy is pretty knowledgeable on this stuff, excluding the language here and there)

Someone needs to add Seb to the list. I like how he isn't nearly as bulky as these guys. Too much muscles :P

Muscle Shirt and Shorts with a Man Thing Pouch - Old Guy Mint Green Fashion Fail ---- best hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fail

Daredevil by David Finch. (guy mutated more muscles than actually anatomically exists hahahha)

Muscle ups... difficult to master but an immense sense of relief once you get your first one in.. so keep tryin guys...

Balls are used as cock blocks. You're wearing underwear so what the point of the ball?

this article is great for females. stop being a pussy and lift like a guy. you either make your muscles bigger or smaller and you either shrink or expand your fat cells. thats it.

He may be a youngin, but good lord look at those arms ;)

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For little guys, seeds are nutritional powerhouses. But which ones deliver the health and body benefits you crave most? Pomegranates (for slimming), Hemp (for toned muscles), Chia (for strong bones, Pumpkin (for energy), Sesame (for a healthy heart), Flax (for Cancer prevention) and Wheat Germ (for digestion). #SelfMagazine

we had a car JUST LIKE THAT!!! back seat just wide enough for two kid butts...and not very you'd jiggle when the car drove!!! and we'd GIGGLE... car got stuck in a snow bank in the back yard and the guys had to lift it out by hand (and muscle) and push it forward...

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Oh buttery butternut squash, why are you such a pain in the butt to work with? You need serious finger muscles to peel these guys. I won’t lie to you, it takes some work. The sweet buttery treasure inside these little squashes is worth the finger pain that they come with. Roby and I heart… [read more]

Shirtless Celebrity Hunks, Men with Muscles, Pictures of Hot Guys | Shirtless Daily - Part 80

Sounds great for after the little guy is born: Burn tons of calories and sculpt your muscles with this 30/60/90 bootcamp workout!