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Muscle Guys

bondi beach australia There is seriously something so flipping attractive about back muscles.

I'm being an incredibly jealous girlfriend right now , so I'm handling it by looking at super hot guys on Pinterest .

Nathan Kress.. All Growed Up! Who knew the cute techy guy would get some muscles on him??? lol

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I'm speechless which never happens! I NEED HIM! The muscle & arm sleeve are pushing me over the edge!

Bernardo Velasco, looking amazing, as always. Always have to shout out to @Unapologetically Me(l) for this guy.

Gary Taylor © GOLDEN CZERMAK # pecs six pack abs nice arms male fitness model bodybuilder eye candy hot guy ripped muscle adonis

I'd never seen a naked body like his—a man's, not a boy's. There was dark hair dusting all sorts of places and corded muscle everywhere my eyes landed. My mouth watered as he crossed the bedroom to where I sat gaping at him. "You're kind of the best thing ever," I managed hoarsely. He grinned, but color rose in his cheeks. "So are you."

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Tattooed male model with lotus shoulder tattoo.. Wow you're yummy that's why you are model

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I know that I'm in the minority. I don't, never have, never will, understand these excessive tattoos. They hide the muscles that the guys have worked years to build. It's like saying "I'm covering up my body so you can't see it!" I truly do not understand.

And whenever he laughs his adorable, perfect laugh and also flexes his muscles at the same time. | 30 Times Niall Horan Was The Most Perfect Member Of One Direction In 2013

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teenage guys with muscles | white boy swag | Tumblr. See..... I just think over doing your muscles...... Really ruins how hot you are xD

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Seriously where are these cute guys with tattoos I need to find these men!!!

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