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Name Tattoo Placements

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Always wanted to get a bird tattoo since my grandparents last name means "pigeon" in Croatian

cute tattoo for the bottom side of your wedding ring finger. No names. just a heart

201 Roman Numeral Forearm Tattoos..I'd love this with my daughter's name & DOB

Child's name placement tattoo idea

Bird tattoo--- placement for blue bird?

Heartbeat Tattoo (placement: outside of right arm) If I was brave enough I would get this with Will's name :)

This is seriously the best tattoo that I've seen for what I want. It's got seritonin, dopamine, and acetylcholine all togehter. Ironically, I'm pinning this from someone else named tory. Great tories think alike, I guess.

Memorial tattoo - Love the placement, and the name in between the wings, and the halo above the first letter in the name.

Like the style of this tattoo... Would have my son's name and date of birth... Placement on top of foot.

I want the under the heart placement for my first tattoo of my father's name "terry lee"

Masculine placement for Baby name tattoo design for men - ribs tattoo idea

For very apperant reasons (my middle name is rosa, its also my moms name) i want to get a rose tattoo. Love this one

I love the placement of this tattoo, but maybe a different tattoo idea for this spot. I love the Roman Numerals which I would do for Rowen's birthdate and maybe incorporate his name in with the tattoo.

dainty script tattoos & I love the top left tattoo placement!

Orchid tattoo: Shrink this Way down and add my Mommas name and this may be my next tattoo!

Name With Stars Around Tattoos | ... tattoo (besides the lower back) because ankle tattoos have certain

side tattoo - placement..... baby's name and birthdate... yep. getting this!

tattoos with kids names | Baby Name Tattoos Placement Ideas

tattoo my kids names instead of Love