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Name Tattoo Placements

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Couples tattoo with wedding date. This would be the only tattoo id ever get but placement would be somewhere else because of my career choice

옆구리 레터링 타투. 레터링문신. lettering tattoo. rips tattoo

Great place for a tattoo. I think I'd put a "copyright date" with my birthdate with my parents names. Then it would be very cool if your entire family did it.

Placement. With my daughters name Kalyna Michelle

The hand of Fatima is also known as the Khamsa named for Fatima Zahra. The evil eye was to ward off evil and was a sign of double protection because of the palm up forbidding gesture. Khamsa means five and the hand holds relevance for several different religions

Love of ones child tattoo. My next tattoo will be my babies name and I'm loving this one.

This is such an awesome heart tattoo. I deff want this but I'm gunna change it up a little bit.

So doing this. Gonna start out at the bottom and further on as I get older. Plus I wanna put my family members names in the branches.

tattoos with kids names | Baby Name Tattoos Placement Ideas

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IF I were to get a tattoo, it would be something similar to this. Most likely in between my shoulders with my kids names/birthdays in the wolf's eyes and there would be a crescent moon in the background with a silhouette of someone jumping off of it.

גם זה יעבור a link where the quote is explained in a clear way -

Child's name.

I love the placement of this tattoo, but maybe a different tattoo idea for this spot. I love the Roman Numerals which I would do for Rowen's birthdate and maybe incorporate his name in with the tattoo.

paisley tattoo.. Like the placement.. But some kind of paisley pattern since its Jordynns middle name.. Then with jordynn somewhere by it

Like the style of this tattoo... Would have my son's name and date of birth... Placement on top of foot.

MINE : Travel Tattoos - coordinates of home and first place I ever travelled - done in Niagara Falls

Google Image Result for www.tattootribes....

Heart of a lion tattoo. Pretty font So legit. That's actually the name of my cousin Marley's foundation.

Explore Dream Discover foot tattoo

Like the style of this tattoo... Would have my son's name and date of birth... Placement on top of foot.

said i was gonna do this for years---at a certain age (when kids are old enough to write their name legibly) have kids write their name have it tattooed

last one. to pluto and back

Simple but sexy tattoo. Tempting with Al's name in the middle hmmmmmm, I just might!