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Name Tattoo Placements

paisley tattoo.. Like the placement.. But some kind of paisley pattern since its Jordynns middle name.. Then with jordynn somewhere by it

Get River's name then add on if we have more kids. Love how it looks like a heartbeat

orchid flower tattoo foot....Future TAT in a few weeks..but it will be bigger have color and emma/ethans names on it...cant wait to get this

matching couples tattoos- like the henna feel of this (was thinking about henna-ing my hands for the ceremony- if the groom finds his name it's good luck!)

So cute...always have been against tattooing someone's name on me though.

Love of ones child tattoo. My next tattoo will be my babies name and I'm loving this one.

I love the placement of this tattoo, but maybe a different tattoo idea for this spot. I love the Roman Numerals which I would do for Rowen's birthdate and maybe incorporate his name in with the tattoo.

옆구리 레터링 타투. 레터링문신. lettering tattoo. rips tattoo

Back of Arm tattoo - love the placement, thinking of getting my sons name there...

This would be a great "in memory of" tattoo...without names/initials (that you need to worry about adding to if you lose someone else) it can be just in general, but I like this phrasing more ""They are not dead who live in hearts they leave behind" -Robert Orr

Always wanted to get a bird tattoo since my grandparents last name means "pigeon" in Croatian

I kinda like this and the placement, except I'd have 3 with different colours and the initial of my boy's first names :)

Cute pictures, especially like the idea of tattooing kids names there, as long as you weren't prone to stretch marks

Infinity Tattoo with kids first letters of their name.

Simple but sexy tattoo. Tempting with Al's name in the middle hmmmmmm, I just might!

I want this as my tattoo only with 4 hearts hanging from it to represent my family and family is forever in Italian written in script underneath :) I want the tree black and the hearts red , my dream tattoo for my 30th birthday . On my shoulder ;blade or middle of my upper back wherever it looks best .

IF I were to get a tattoo, it would be something similar to this. Most likely in between my shoulders with my kids names/birthdays in the wolf's eyes and there would be a crescent moon in the background with a silhouette of someone jumping off of it.

Explore Dream Discover foot tattoo

My hubby and I so want to get this sort of tattoo on our ring fingers