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Name Tattoo Placements

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Everyone, I just got some amazing brand name purses,shoes,jewellery and a nice dress from here for CHEAP! If you buy, enter code:atPinterest to save www.superspringsa... - Foot tattoo: My daughter

I love the placement of this tattoo, but maybe a different tattoo idea for this spot. I love the Roman Numerals which I would do for Rowen's birthdate and maybe incorporate his name in with the tattoo.

Placement. With my daughters name Kalyna Michelle

Name With Stars Around Tattoos | ... tattoo (besides the lower back) because ankle tattoos have certain

mini rib tattoo. I really really want this done! I would do my name in Greek which means truth :)

paisley tattoo.. Like the placement.. But some kind of paisley pattern since its Jordynns middle name.. Then with jordynn somewhere by it

infinity heart tattoo with names - Google Search

Lock Key Ribbon Bow Tattoo would look good as a chest or thigh placement.

I want one of these small tattoos on the side of my foot. I'd like the girls names on the side of my foot

Child's name.

swirl tattoo designs. One on each side of my mom's name....

Purple Rose tattoo.. Love the placement. Also a good one to add my daughters name. Maybe angle it a bit though so her name fits

If I ever had a tattoo on both my wrists like this, it would be after my parents have passed away. I would like to forever remember the life of submission I lived in their name. I gave everything to them and it was never enough. This placement is only visible when the wrists are aligned together, easiest when arms are raised up. I would bear these signs as a trophy to who I have become as a human through my parents teachings.

Orchid tattoo: Shrink this Way down and add my Mommas name and this may be my next tattoo!

I'm going to do this with the kids first and middle names for my next Tattoo!! -

201 Roman Numeral Forearm Tattoos..I'd love this with my daughter's name & DOB

butterfly tattoo- love this but in red and with my daughters name :)

infinity tattoo with kids names | Infinity tattoo with kids names on wrist | Tattoos-probably would get this on my lower left side if my back

I want the under the heart placement for my first tattoo of my father's name "terry lee"

Like the style of this tattoo... Would have my son's name and date of birth... Placement on top of foot.

Tattoo placement

Masculine placement for Baby name tattoo design for men - ribs tattoo idea

I'm loving the back of the neck as a tattoo place. Might be a good spot for my name in Hebrew idea.