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Navy Anchor Tattoos

Ever since early high school I wanted some kind of anchor tattoo. My father was an Admiral in the Navy and so I grew up with a love of nautical things. He passed away my senior year of high school, and so I like to think that this in memory of him, the flowers representing life and that the memory of him will always be alive within me. Done by Rob at East River Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY.

compass dream catcher tattoo by ~wolfluv95 on deviantART want something like this but no bird branches or anchor. instead an actual dreamcatcher with the flowers and compass

Hebrews 6:19 This hope is strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. Its leads us through the curtain into Gods inner sanctuary

Fantastic Anchor Tattoo Designs and Meaning: Navy Anchor Tattoo Meaning And Designs For Girl On Thigh ~ Tattoo Design Inspiration

{Via @Keiko Isayama-Visser Groves For my great grandpa, one of the most influential men in my life. (He was a UDT Navy Frogman and also had an anchor tattoo)}

I have been searching for the longest time on what in the world I want my first tattoo to be. This is so perfect. I want the flower colored red to symbolize my mom and I want it either on my wrist, or on my shoulder. The anchor symbolizes my dad, because he was in the Navy.

Sisters tattoo! An anchor for our dad who was in the navy and love in our little brothers handwriting, who we lost about 3 months ago.

tattoos Kinda want this as a tattoo. On my right foot Im thinking? But at the same time I feel like getting an anchor is bad since Im not affiliated with the navy lol. Feedback?

I must be un-moving, like I'm anchored down. No one can pull me in any direction, unless I choose to move on.

Tattoo idea for a friend. Bird flying with a traditional anchor with roses. Navy bluebird. Artist Allison Birdy Quick.

Matthew 6:10 -- "Thy will be done" & Navy Anchor #Tattoo #Ink

We're fascinated by historic designs and motifs. Our hand-drawn nautical dolphin and anchor is based on historic imagery that has been used over the centuries on ancient Roman coins, as a printer's mark, in heraldry, and as a classic maritime symbol and tattoo. / It looks great in Navy on a Natural color or old-school Grey Men's / Unisex or Ladies' style tee. / Anchor T-Shirt Nautical Dolphin Vintage Tattoo by PointGraphicInk, $22.00

After reading about anchor tattoos, I know I want to get one to symbolize my Christianity and also to memorialize my Grandpas who were in the Navy and the Coast Guard.

anchor tattoo ~~ I'm thinking something like this to honor my kids time in the Navy

anchor--my future tattoo. tag of a ww2 navy jumper(photo from my phone)

I don't want the flower but I want the anchor. My friend drew one similar for me. My papa was in the navy and I want to get something for him. That anchor is perfect!

My new anchor tattoo. It represents the fact that even though I'm in the Navy it will never weigh me down to Where I can't live my life

In memory tattoo, my dad passed away from dementia and served in the navy. The awareness ribbon is purple and placed near the anchor to also represent infinity.

us-navy-anchor-tattoo.jpg (600×800)

Anchor Tattoo. Pretty much what I want for the tattoo I want to get for my parents. Just japanese cherry blossoms instead.

navy anchor tattoos - want one.

Anchor - use for Navy Wife tattoo

My navy anchor tattoo to honor my grandfather. His initials and rank. And of course USN!