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Navy Anchor Tattoos

Great nautical tattoo! navy tattoo | mermaid tattoo | sea tattoo | ocean tattoo | anchor tattoo | tattoo ideas | tattoo inspiration

Pomegranate navy style anchor quality product sailboat waterproof tattoo stickers 28 a42

I love anchors. They remind me of my grandfather. He had a tattoo of one from his Navy days (he served in World War II) on the web of skin between his right thumb and forefinger. I kind of want one in memoriam, but I'm afraid my skin will be allergic to tattoo ink. It's allergic to fucking living.

I got this tattoo in Spring Hill, Fl. At Brass Monkey, thank you Biggie for your awesome job ! :D  I enlisted in the Navy and got pregnant before I left for Basic, and since I love anchors so much, I thought, what better than my son’s name with an anchor. So there you have it ! :) I love it and it is perfect. It’s my second tattoo but my first colored one, and I am so glad it was done in color.

Cute Anchor Tattoo but with a dermal in the center of the bow. navy sister

Ever since early high school I wanted some kind of anchor tattoo. My father was an Admiral in the Navy and so I grew up with a love of nautical things. He passed away my senior year of high school, and so I like to think that this in memory of him, the flowers representing life and that the memory of him will always be alive within me. Done by Rob at East River Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY.

Anchor tattoo navy tattoo sand dollar tattoo hula moon Pensacola Florida colorful tattoo bright tattoo flowers bud teal tattoo Brittany milo brittmilo22

Anchor Started being used by the Navy or Marines that spent time abroad. Symbolizing stability against the forces of nature. cool idea for husband and wife tattoos

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{Via @Keiko Isayama-Visser Groves For my great grandpa, one of the most influential men in my life. (He was a UDT Navy Frogman and also had an anchor tattoo)}

Anchor Tattoo Chris at Soul Survivors; I want to get something similar for my hubby and my matching tattoos!

Kinda want this as a tattoo. On my right foot Im thinking? But at the same time I feel like getting an anchor is bad since Im not affiliated with the navy lol. Feedback?

  • Kris Vandell

    You don't have to be affiliated with the navy. I've seen a lot of people with anchor tatts that have no connection to the navy. All that matters is if the tattoo has meaning to you.

Navy Anchor Tattoo.....Got this tattoo after my son graduated Navy Bootcamp! It's awesome pic doesn't do it justice!

for when hubby gets out of the navy... and is allowed to get a tattoo like this :]

Matthew 6:10 -- "Thy will be done" & Navy Anchor #Tattoo #Ink

Infinity symbol / anchor tattoo

Navy Anchor Tattoo Designs - Bing Images

Anchor rib tattoo

Feather (writing quill for me) + anchor for keeping my feet on the ground

Kinda want this as a tattoo. On my right foot Im thinking? But at the same time I feel like getting an anchor is bad since Im not affiliated with the navy lol. Feedback?

Fantastic Anchor Tattoo Designs and Meaning: Navy Anchor Tattoo Meaning And Designs For Girl On Thigh ~ Tattoo Design Inspiration

Tattoo idea for a friend. Bird flying with a traditional anchor with roses. Navy bluebird. Artist Allison Birdy Quick.

I'm going to have so many Navy related tattoos by the end of my career. this is going on my forearm eventually.

Mother / daughter tattoo's. I'm prior Navy, as well as she is my anchor as I am hers.