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Navy Anchor Tattoos

My new anchor tattoo. It represents the fact that even though I'm in the Navy it will never weigh me down to Where I can't live my life

Fantastic Anchor Tattoo Designs and Meaning: Navy Anchor Tattoo Meaning And Designs For Girl On Thigh ~ Tattoo Design Inspiration

{Via @Keiko Isayama-Visser Groves For my great grandpa, one of the most influential men in my life. (He was a UDT Navy Frogman and also had an anchor tattoo)}

navy anchor tattoos - want one.

Family anchor tattoo

My Grandpa has an anchor tattoo from his Navy days, I've always wanted one! This would be a cute girly version of one.

Anchor tattoo would be sweet for my Grandpa who passed away--he was WWII Navy Vet and he was awesome!...Only thing is he hated tattoos! The irony.

anchor tattoo on ring finger so whoever puts the ring on your finger is "anchored to your heart". and we met in the Navy:)

Not for her wedding, just makes me think of her and Will. Plus there is an anchor for Navy.

Stay the course anchor tattoo, stay the course is a term used in war (navy) meaning to pursue a goal regardless of obstacles or criticism (:

cute tattoo captain anchor foot..... love one to represent my parents both being in the navy and be being born in the navy ♥ im a navy brat :P

Get this tattoo for my grandparents memorial tattoo, with the coordinates to where they are buried side by side. They were both in the navy in ww2.

anchor tattoo, (Ill have an anchor someday. My Grandfather had one from the Navy / WWII and it was the first tattoo I ever saw. I must have asked him thousands of questions about it. He was always patient to answer every one.)

A better picture of the type of tattoo I want with my grandparents birth flowers on it. Both Navy Veterans.

3 christian virtues. faith love and hope. Want to get this opposite my cross in memory of my grandpa who was also in the navy.

After reading about anchor tattoos, I know I want to get one to symbolize my Christianity and also to memorialize my Grandpas who were in the Navy and the Coast Guard.

Aaggghhhh love this tattoo and want!! The Heart for My poppop and anchor for him being in the navy

anchor tattoo ~~ I'm thinking something like this to honor my kids time in the Navy

Best friend & navy wife anchor tattoo

Kinda want this as a tattoo. On my right foot I'm thinking? But at the same time I feel like getting an anchor is bad since I'm not affiliated with the navy lol. Feedback?

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