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Nicknamed the Beautiful Beast. Irma Grese was a concentration camp guard and one of the few women to be called to account for her crimes. She was hanged in 1945 at the age of 22.

Revenge at Birkenau: Jewish dancer and actress shoots SS man Schillinger fatally and injures SS man Emmerich on 10/23/43 in the undressing room of crematorium II before she and her fellow women were to be gassed. She did a strip tease in front of the lecherous Schillinger in order to distract him and grab his gun. She shot both men after successfully grabbing it.

Orli Wald was a member of the German Resistance in Nazi Germany. She was arrested in 1936 and charged with high treason, whereupon she served four and a half years in a women's prison, followed by "protective custody" in Nazi concentration camps until 1945, when she escaped. She was a prisoner functionary in the infirmary at Auschwitz-Birkenau and because of her helpfulness to Jewish and other prisoners, was called the "Angel of Auschwitz".

This is Rose Valland, one of the heroes of Nazi-Occupied France. An employee of the Louvre, she kept records of the art stolen by Nazi officers- what was taken, from where, and by who. She was instrumental in the postwar return of countless stolen pieces, and one of the most decorated women in French history.

Christine Granville was a British WW2 spy. Her feats included acting as a courier in Nazi-occupied Europe, parachuting into France in support of the Allied invasion and rescuing three of her comrades from certain execution. She was said to be Winston Churchill’s favorite spy. Men found her irresistible, and she did very little to resist them.

Russian women and children recently liberated from a German concentration camp lay flowers at the bodies of 4 dead American soldiers. Russian eye witnesses reported the Americans were slain by German officers after they surrendered - Hilden Germany 1945

Documents found in Germany’s Federal Archive have revealed "bride schools" once used to turn young women into perfect Nazi wives. A 6-week program on how to cook, sew, iron, breed children, and worship Der Fuhrer, Adolph Hitler was required for those who wanted to marry SS officers:

Mother Marie Skobtzova. Mother Maria was arrested, along with Fr. Dimitri Klepinin, her mother Sophia and Son Yuri, for helping Jews escape German Occupation. On Holy Saturday, 1945, at Ravensbrück concentration camp, she took the place of a Jewish woman who was going to be sent to the Gas Chamber, and died in her place.

Frieda Belinfante, was a half-Jewish lesbian member of a gay resistance group called the CKC. She participated in the planning of the destruction of the Amsterdam Population Registry in March 1943, and was also active in falsifying identity cards and arranging hiding places for Jews and others sought by the Nazis. In December 1943, Belinfante escaped to Switzerland via Belgium and France. After the war, she returned briefly to Amsterdam and then emigrated to the United States.

Gertrud Scholtz-Klink was chief of the Nazi bridal schools and trained women to become 'perfect' wives to SS men

Mildred Fish-Harnack and her husband Arvid Harnack. They attended University of Wisconsin-Madison, moved to Germany in 1929, and promptly allied with the Soviets, becoming leaders of an underground Nazi resistance group called the Red Orchestra. Mildred was the only American woman ever to be executed on the direct orders of Hitler.

Women in Nazi Germany: What was to be a woman in Hitler's Germany. Chilling, deeply interesting and revealing.

Irma Grese Defendant number 9, Irma Grese, dubbed the Beast of Belsen was convicted for crimes against humanity at the Belsen Trial and sentenced to death. She had been employed at various Nazi concentration camps including Auschwitz and Belsen. At her trial survivors provided detailed testimony of murders, tortures, and other brutal behaviour towards prisoners, especially women. She was 22 years old when she was executed.

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The nightmare of the Holocaust clearly depicted in this photograph.

Herta Oberheuser (15 May 1911 in Cologne, German Empire – 24 January 1978 in Linz am Rhein, West Germany) was a physician at the Ravensbrück concentration camp from 1940 until 1943. Herta Oberheuser was the only female defendant in the Nuremberg Medical Trial, where she was sentenced to 20 years in jail.

Women's barracks in Auschwitz, the Nazi concentration camp in Poland As with September 11, these all need to kept in our memories. This one does terrible things to my heart...

Women and children and some soldiers attending a ceremony to honor Germany’s victory in France, June 1940

Irma Grese, “the Beast of Belsen” (1923-1945) - a former nursing assistant and teenage Nazi SS auxiliary female guard in Auschwitz and Belsen concentration camps. Under the Nazi system, Irma was trained to function as a state serial killer, but in the end began to kill for her own hedonistic needs. She had a dark compulsion to torture and kill inmates in her charge and became so excessively homicidal that even male SS guards began to complain. She was hung by the British on December 13th 1945.

We talked to them [the prisoners] and in my very limited German I say to them, “We’re Americans - we will save you!” but they don’t say anything. They don’t yell. They don’t cheer. They just stand there, silently. They’re beyond making a noise. They’re beyond having a voice. Prisoner shows him the stoves. He says dont forget. I couldnt. Even if I wanted to.

During the violent months preceding the liberation of Paris, New Zealander Nancy Wake killed a German guard with a single karate chop to the neck, executed a woman who had been spying for the Germans, shot her way out of roadblocks and biked 70 hours through perilous Nazi checkpoints to deliver radio codes for the Allies. In spite of Hitler she lives to be 98.

The remains of the church in which 247 women and 205 children were trapped and killed by the Nazis. The middle window behind the altar is the one through which the only survivor Marguerite Rouffanche escaped

One of the most famous photos taken during the Holocaust shows Jewish families arrested by Nazis during the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland, and sent to be gassed at Treblinka extermination camp. This picture and over 50 others were taken by the Nazis to chronicle the successful destruction of the Ghetto.