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I love taking mixable neutrals and adding spice with accessories all in the same accent color. You can have as many different outfits with the same clothes as you have colors of accessories!

I know you think this so, like, whatever and cute and stuff and things, but actually it looks like your crotch is eating all your clothes.

  • Jaime GS


  • Megan Shaffer

    I never said I hated her. I don't hate anyone. I get your point perfectly clear. You were disagreeing with my opinion. And yes but my comment goes for her whole board. Not just this picture, like I clearly said above. And never did I say I was judging you. I'm just disagreeing. I don't know where you're getting all these ideas

  • Hannah Garcia

    That's not at all what I was trying to say. I wasn't insulting you at all, or bashing any PERSON in this conversation. I was pointing out that you shouldn't hate Jaime for saying what she did. And what she said was that the shorts look like they are being eaten by her crotch. Just like I only said that what you were doing was ridiculous. But, whatever, go ahead and judge me. I don't care enough to continue arguing with you if you are going to purposely misunderstand my meaning.

  • Megan Shaffer

    Since you are so good at seeing the irony in things, perhaps you'll see the irony in that.

  • Megan Shaffer

    I said some negative things myself. But I do not disagree with this. It's pointless and disrespectful and I still stand by MY OPINION. I respect yours even though it's not even a good case to argue with when you are just repeating the action that you are so against in the first place.

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Those colors wouldn't suit me, but I don't care because those shoes are really what I'm after.

Summer Date Night, created by meghanallred on Polyvore clothing-shoes-accessories

Versace - What fun it would be to dance all night in this dress! (a favourite repin of VIP Fashion Australia www.vipfashionaus... - Specialising in unique fashion, exclusive fashion, online shopping sites for clothes, online shopping of clothes, international clothing store, international clothes shop, cute dresses for cheap, trendy clothing stores, luxury purses )

So casual, and this could be dressed up pr down. Cute tank for at night, or a chambry button down for sightseeing or a cool evening. Definitely adding this to my suitcase!

On my Christmas wish list... Topshop Limited Edition Satin Skirt

*droool* it is ok to be "goth" after 40? What the hell are the kids calling it these days? Not EMO, not fancy enough clothes...

  • Clerc Mckinnon

    I find most goths after 40 are rockabilly or steam punk. But I say do what u like. I also say there aren't any true goths under 30.

  • Emily Sobelman

    This looks like a cross between goth and steampunk, which are perfect for any age. Really, steampunk is just a slightly modern, more industrial Victorian dress. I don't understand why everybody isn't into it!

  • Candy Hutchins

    steam punk maybe?

  • Diane Neldon

    I didn't think there was an age limit. Looks good after 50. goth is timeless and ageless.

  • Tamara Eadington

    They still call it goth but this is closer to steampunk - and it's absolutely gorgeous!

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I love looks like this! Dinner date to concert..multi-purpose clothes a MUST HAVE

Wildfox 'Up All Night' Pajama Set | womens pajamas | womens lingerie | womenswear | style | fashion | wantering

love these night clothes

ELLA MOSS Santa Fe Maxi Dress in Rain at Revolve Clothing - Free Shipping!

Jason Wu Spring 2013

Gym Gear You Can Wear to Work! This is PERFECT for me!!! Blake, we were JUST talking about this last night!

These are affordable date night clothes.

Clothes Casual Outift for • teens • movies • girls • women •. summer • fall • spring • winter • outfit ideas • dates • school • parties Polyvore :) Catalina Christiano

floral faded jeans are too cute! 80'S FASHION IS BACK Ok lady's found some 80's clothes for those that missed or where to young to remember them for our Bonco night!!

Wow Very Nice!

Fun back to school or dress out night clothes like a princess for those belle fans #1

Fun back to school or dress out night clothes like a princess for those belle fans #4