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ninja cat funny humor - This is what my black kitten does to my orange cat

Ninja Cats. If i saw these cats staring at me like this i'd run for my life lol! about thinking outside the BOX ;) I had one that did this!LOL

Kitten "Hug".... (Though being playful kittens, we all know this isn't really a hug at all... It's a playful ninja choke hold!)

I am thinking this is WHY we don't own a cat anymore! lol Fred was a one of a kind tabby! They broke the mold after he passed on. LOL

A French Ninja Cat (Le Chat Ninja) by Kyle Walters. This is a parody of a poster I had in my undergrad dorm room, and that my daughter coincidentally chose for HER dorm room. lol

{weeeeeeeeee!} this kitty likes to fly

Black Cat In The Box - What A Ninja Here To Find Out More

You won't believe how crazy these cats are.. They have some mad ninja skills!

Dog Vs Cat: Cute 'Ninja' Kitten Shows Doberman Who's Boss

Leafstar, leader of Skyclan. ♥ luv her. Most ninja she-cat leader EVER.

Cats with #Ninja Skillz via @BuzzFeed

Our's started out evil, so we named him Lucifer. Then he grew up to be a sweetie with a gender identity crisis called Lucy.

funny ninja cats

Hover Cat-I lol'd so hard I passed out!!!