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ninja cat funny humor - This is what my black kitten does to my orange cat

My best threat... My friends are like invisible body guards even when they aren't around, because the threat of being beat up if they mess with me is still there... xD

Cats with #Ninja Skillz via @BuzzFeed

Ninja Cats. If i saw these cats staring at me like this i'd run for my life lol!

Our's started out evil, so we named him Lucifer. Then he grew up to be a sweetie with a gender identity crisis called Lucy.

Christmas ninja cat -

Welcome to the wonderfully wacky world of Anna-Marie Jung. The freelance illustrator from Graz, Austria has a hilarious sense of humor that comes through in every one of her works. Inspired by pop culture like cartoons, comic books, movies and computer games, she creates "nerdy" art that features the Internet's most famous superstars like cats, ninjas and zombies.

I'm not stalking you I'm just making sure your mixing my catnip up right I tasted sourness yesterday... I have my eyes on you!!

This cat who just wanted some privacy. | 28 Cats Having A Way Worse Day Than You

Language of dogs and cats…

They may try to make a quick exit to avoid the conversation.....“The Christmas tree was knocked over? Uh… Gotta go.”

This dog who decided he’d just ask the cat a quick question. | 28 Dogs That Immediately Regret Their Decisions

A French Ninja Cat (Le Chat Ninja) by Kyle Walters-We had a ninja cat. When we brought Thuy home she was so fast and light Andrew said its like that Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon movie.

Warrior spirit.

Have You Had Your Kitty Hug Today? - 3rd July 2014

"You guys see the cat run past here?" ~ Dog Shaming shame - Not smelling it.