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Ocean Sunset

m a g n i f i q u e . o c e a n

Ocean Beach sunset, San Diego (by Diana_Khalil)

Mission Beach, Queensland Australia.

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Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada - stunning sunsets where the trees come up to the ocean edge. Makes for some gorgeous and memorable evening shots and lovely walks to boot!

Atlantic Beach Sunset Over the Ocean - Our State magazine

Sunset, and ocean (Kauai, Hawaii)

How I'd like it to go: Wake up, long walk, come home, coffee, read, go swim, write/work, have lunch, take a siesta, write/work some more, have another walk, have another swim, and observe the sunset with a beer or something in my hand. EVERY DAY.

San Francisco - Richmond / Sunset Districts end at Geary Beach. Turn right at the beach - Up the hill to the famous Cliff House. or go Down Hwy (to your left) about a mile to Ocean Ave. ~ voila ~ the San Francisco Zoo.

ما شاء الله لا قوة إلا بالله There's nothing more beautiful than watching a sunset over the ocean!

Probably the most famous place in the world to watch the sunset, the Greek island of Santorini, with its cliff towns and amazing ocean views is a must see for anyone planning their next Euro trip.

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Ocean / Beach / Sky / Sunset / Sea - Birds / Seagulls ~ Nature Photography / Peaceful & Relaxing

Moon Shine over the Ocean-Brings back memories of swimming in the moon beam as a child.

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Relaxing dinner - under a palm tree, watching the sunset with a beautiful view of the ocean... ahhhh

plasmatics-life: In the middle of the ocean ~ By Achilles Shan

Sunset on the beach with screw ocean wave

sailing into the sunset