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Old Abandoned Houses

Abandoned Horncliffe Mansion in Rossendale, Lancashire, England. It was originally a house, then an elderly care home, and finally a wedding venue. It was built in 1869. There is a car graveyard behind it full of old Jaguars.

♂Aged with beauty Abandoned Old Farm House..Sweet...another painting idea....

Palmyra, Missouri -- Photographer said "found this house north of Palmyra, Missouri in Marion County. A couple of quick shots since people were driving by on the gravel road and there was purple paint on posts. Not sure how far spread the Purple Paint law is, but here it means that it is worse than No Trespassing."

Abandoned Mansion along old U.S. Route 15, between Mansfield, PA and Corning, NY. I love the gorgeous fall foliage in this picture! The photographer encountered a man looking the house over while he was there who turned out to be in the house restoration business. The man told him that this house would cost about $200,000 to restore.

Abandon All Hope - old abandoned house on U.S. 258 Olds, North Carolina Photo by Erin Rebecca taken on May 14, 2012

Incredible abandoned house in Pennsylvania. Built in 1870, it's sat empty for decades. I'd love to go through it

"Abandoned House in *Kimry (Tver region), Russia*" -- [The most interesting thing is to see in Kimry is this old wooden house built in late 19th - early 20th century. It is probably the most famous house in Kimry - is almost a symbol of the city. It once belonged to a certain merchant Luzhin. Now nobody owns or needs it.]~[Photograph by Marina - June 10 2011]'h4d-138.2013'

Old abandoned house near Columbus, Ohio I would love to have the cash to restore what I am sure was an amazing home*

70 Abandoned Old Buildings.. left alone to die | (10 Beautiful Photos)

Have seen these abandoned barns, cars and trucks dotting the countryside in my travels...

.If houses could talk..I would quietly sit and listen to all their stories...

Michael Nodianos mocks raped girl,“She is so raped right now,” he said to the camera. “There won’t be any foreplay for a dead girl. It ain’t wet now, to be honest. Trust me, I’m a doctor.” Two players on Steubenville High School’s prestigious football team, The Big Red, reportedly drugged a 16-year-old girl and sexually assaulted her, carrying her unconscious body by the wrists and ankles from party to party, urinating on her and abandoning her at the end of the night at her parents’ house.

abandoned houses with flowers | abandoned house flowers The Nature of Reclamation: 5 Plants that Grow ...

Inside Old Abandoned Mansions | beelitz, surgery, sanatorium, abandoned, old, interior, house ...

images of old abandoned houses | Old abandoned house Sweden - a photo on Flickriver

old stained glass windows from an abandoned church in Detroit/ would LOVE to have these in a house!

It Just Must Be Haunted, Right? by Bridges This old abandoned house in the Catskill Mountains would make such a great haunted house. If I were a roaming spirit, I’d certainly call it home.

Abandoned old house that must have once been the scene of much life. Makes me want to write the possible stories that could have occurred there...

This is an abandoned old house on a hill next to Hwy. 30 outside of Burlingame, Oregon. Someone had been trying to restore it over the past 10 years, but now it has recent fire damage.