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Old Stove

So, you found a great deal on an old bus that has some potential to be restored to its former glory. What do you do after you pick it up and find out that it's not salvageable? Transform it into a chic home, like this family. You'll find solar panels for efficiency.

What a great idea! I have a wood burning stove. Reuse old Scentsy Wax on Pinecones! cute Idea. This also make great fire starters for wood burning fire places! =) JOIN OUR TEAM! Ron and Andrea Stokes, Independent Scentsy Consultants AndreaD.Scentsy.US andrea.stokes1@gm...

I use these old buckets all the time! to mop, haul dirt to flower pots, take recycling out, hold ashes from wood stove, .......

"Mine Fireplace" Artist Mati Karmin in Estonia turning old Russian mines into functional furniture!! Now THAT'S what I call re-purposing!

This steel-and-iron Royal Windsor, manufactured on behalf of Montgomery Ward, sold for around $80 in the 1920s.

empress pellet stove insert in old-fashioned fireplace

I like the old, painted stove and the ombré wall. The bed on a palate cracks me up. Thanks, Pinterest. Is there just an excess of palates out there? I don't know if the factory workers and the Pinterest soccer moms really connect that often.

Holy crap this stove/oven by Big Chill. I love the mix of new and old. Dream house.

Hello dream stove... where have you been all my life..not so fussed on the top section...but the rest..yes

Would love a room with an old victorian wood burning stove! Rare Victorian Parlor Stove Wheeling WV 1864

Old fashion stove! @Jamie Wise Law looks like something the girls would play with! How cute for your kitchen

1930's Old Stove with side hot water well.

I totally want a metal dustpan. I am not a fan of our ugly plastic one. Folk Art 1960's Dust Pan Green with Old Cook Stove Kitchen Scene Rustic Made in USA.

Old wood-burning stove~~I learned to cook on one like this~on a stool~~was six years old~my word that is scarry~my Dad would eat the fried potatoes~burned on the outside and raw inside~bless his old heart! Mom was ill for along time~

attic exposed brick chimney and wood burning stove. this might only be relevant in our old plan for the attic with a large open space. i'm not even sure how to incorporate a wood-burning stove into our new plan. should we consider venting our boiler out the side of the house? is that possible with our system?


wood burning stove hearth ideas | old wood stove on brick hearth by Brian Powell - Stocksy United ...

Something like this would make an excellent cupboard for the stove. A fan could be mounted under the top shelves, the stove would be in the middle, with the cupboard doors opening to reveal the oven door, and there could be drawers or narrow cupboards on each side.

looking for rainbows in the moonlight... i can imagine the warmth coming from this old stove, as well as the great food...

Pretty much what I'm going for only my cabinets are coming out a deep warm cherry. Using General Finishes Georgian Cherry over old ugly oak and they are so far looking awesome! I love the tile backsplash in this pic and my new stove is definitely going to be a flat top with controls on the front, countertops are being replaced with darker granite. My hardwood floors are going in soon too. Yipee!