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Old Stove

So, you found a great deal on an old bus that has some potential to be restored to its former glory. What do you do after you pick it up and find out that it's not salvageable? Transform it into a chic home, like this family. You'll find solar panels for efficiency.

The whole room. And the stove - the first one I've seen in photos that looks identical to the one in our kitchen when I was a kid.

Were I ever to ascribe to the "clean and simple home decor" aesthetic, it would be in this way. Still has a hint of retro charm to it :-P.

old stove- this is pretty much the same one that is in the cabin up North. wish i had one like it! :)

I do this on my wood burning stove with oranges cloves and cinnamon. I will also add cuttings from pine or cedar trees.

Moms cafe Stove range hood vent cover is an old exterior metal window awning. So cute!

Simplified Victorian kitchen. Like the stove tucked in to an alcove that looks suspiciously like an old fireplace.

Another one of those beautiful old Scandinavian tiled stoves.

Old barn tin that we used as back splash in Kitchen behind sink and stove.

This 44-inch stove is a vintage Wedgewood model. Overhead, a refurbished old iron floor grille covers a high-powered vent fan in lieu of a hood.

As a little girl, there was an old wood stove between the cabin and the creek that had been in the Butcher's Cabin at Mineral King. I used to make mud pies ALL DAY LONG!! :)

Maybe a big book shelf would work on that left side of the fireplace.... it could take up some of that Rock wall... Love this look

Everything old is new again. First came vintage refrigerators, now comes vintage stoves. If you like the look of the 1950s, but want modern conveniences, this is the stove for you. It has a full sized oven, center griddle, interior light, and side storage. For some reason these knuckle heads didn't list the brand name. It's probably Big Chill brand.

Pinning this not because the picture is so beautiful but because the concept is brilliant. A brick stove which heats the entire house (radiant heat at that) based on a centuries' old design from the "old country" - in this case, Russia I think. Worth learning about!

I love this because it conjures visions of a wide open country kitchen with a breeze blowing the lace curtains, a pie on the windowsill, a walk-in pantry that smells like spices, hot coffee in old worn cups and the ghosts of conversations past held around the hard-working kitchen table.

how to white wash brick- did this to my ugly old red brick around the wood stove! Love it! Able to paint the room colors I like instead of having to take that red brick into consideration! I added more water and let a little of the modeling of the brick show through. I liked the variation.