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The Super USB WiFi Antenna 3 is one of the best home, mobile, or RV omnidirectional WiFi Antennas made. Just plug it into the USB port on your computer for powerful WiFi reception. Receive WiFi up to 1 mile away (line of sight). A standard 15-foot split USB cable is included (longer cable optional). Indoor & Outdoor mounting accessories included. IP65 Waterproof, 802.11b/g/n, 150Mbps, Win/Mac.

Adding sage to your campfire or fire pit keeps mosquitoes and bugs away. Good to know for an outdoor fire pit!

The Oru Kayak - Origami kayak that folds flat for your backpack... Amazing folding / fold up canoe! #product_design

Camping DIY: Pop-up camper mod. 6" PVC pipe mounted on camper to hold outdoor carpet. It is connected to the frame with internal stainless steel carriage bolts and hardware. A cap on the left and screw plug on the right should keep the carpet nice and dry. Genius!

Definitely an extensive list of Outdoor and Camping Games for Kids! The list will help you save some mental energy when planning activities while . - tomorrows adventures

Hobo Camping Meal - have these ready made in the cooler and put on the campfire to cook. - Outdoor Ideas

Outdoor Living

Without a doubt its SO much nicer to have a roll of toilet paper on your camping trip... But one of the inherent downfalls for a roll of toilet paper is it acts like a huge blotter absorbing the humidity from the air and making it almost useless. Coffee cans are wonderful for keeping your important papers dry and ready for use under any outdoors weather condition.

Going camping and it is hot hot hot???? Well, make this homemade swamp cooler for your tent, and get some cool air for your tent. Pretty rad! #Camping #Outdoors #Cooler

So,Coleman has an Outdoor Portable Oven/Stove- this would be awesome for power outages... not cheap, but if you REALLY need an oven baked pizza instead of one done in a cast iron skillet over the fire ;)

Would love this look for a mobile coffee bar. Casual Turtle Campers -- great looking, functional rig. Only 1300 lbs and $11k.

diagram of backpack packing camping backpacking things to bring food, tent, clothes, sleeping pad, outdoors nature travel

Welcome To Outdoor Camping Tips: Smart Tips For Packing Campfire Meals For Outdoor Camping

Learn how to cook off grid without electricity over an open fire with cast iron Dutch ovens. Recipes, tips, and step by step instructions to get you baking and cooking outdoors with your Dutch Oven.

I've always been a tent kind of camper, but this weekend we saw three Airstream trailers and they got me thinking how a retro RV life could be quite nice. Here is a renovated Airstream. You get the best of the outdoors AND the indoors!

This Airstream is topped off with a set of flexible solar panels on the roof. They follow the aerodynamic curvature so they blend right in. Flexible solar panels are actually “semi flexible” They will only bend to about a 30 degree angle across the length of the panel which works just fine along the roof. 270 watts of power with three batteries that provide renewable power storage.

You’ll need: Big Water Jug – dedicated for hand washing only Paper Towels and a Plastic holder 2 Bungee Cords that will wrap around jug and holder (as in pic) Soap Dispenser Bucket for catching water, optional but recommended Assemble as in photo – perfect for outdoor functions and essential for scout events!!