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Search results for "painted deer skull"

So doing something similar with any decent sheds I find. Could make some cool coat hooks!

If i ever get my hands on one of these... totally doing this! Copper and patina paint! yes please.

Turquoise and Geometric Design Painted Deer Skull by BuffaloDaisies, $112.00

Bedazzled Deer Skull by bigfish416 on Etsy, $250.00

painted animal skull, I think I might start doing this.

One Kings Lane - VMF - Wall Decor - Deer Skull w/ Turquoise

painted deer skulls | Artistic Painted Deer Skull

Hand Painted Deer Skull with Teeth and by MidnightandMagnolias, $165.00

Paint & Rhinestone Texas Longhorn Skull Donna by CowgirlCanvas, $800.00

metallic deer skull. I have a perfect 8-point rack deer skull that my dad found in the woods. Need to figure out what to do with it. Excuse the excessive deer skull pins.

Hand painted one of a kind skulls by StokesMtn on Etsy, $400.00

Fallow Deer Skull // Garden // Fully Collaged Skull - this is beautiful, but i think i can do it on my own

Starry Night Painted Deer Skull by ShadyufoStudios on Etsy

Copper Painted Natural Aqua Patina Deer Skull ~ I'm doing something similar to Eric's deer...a hunter's trophy becomes art ;D

Hand painted Deer Skull <-- I love this, but I'd want to know how it died :S.

Decorated longhorn skull Copper with a Rustic by WesTiqueDesigns, $725.00

Bronze Painted Deer Skull 8 points by LittleRandomBoutique, $125.00

Print of Original Drawing Deer Skull Nature Art by Acaraho on Etsy

Painted Deer Skull Taxidermy // Urban Inspiration // by MyrandaE, $235.00

This is too funny someone painted a deer head last year and left it drying on a dumpster we took it b/c it look like they were trashing and this is exactly what we wanted it for. They asked around for it so we politely snuck it back. Man it could have been awesome!!!