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Palm tree tattoo. U see I am from texas and there are palm trees eveywhere so I really like this :)

Palm tree tattoo... Had thought about it but never really saw it happening... But THIS is freaking awesome!!!

Some ideas for a palm tree tattoo. I like tattoos that commemorate places I've lived or times in my life so this would be my California tattoo. I think I like the back of ankle placement best.

Multiple palm tree tattoo ideas?

Ok, that's just a cool tattoo

Palm Tree Tattoo. // I just like how simple and blunt it is.

I'd want a little tiny shell somewhere in this exact color

Palm tree tattoo - This is the one that I want!!

Palm tree tattoo

i love the realistic, simple look of the palm tree

Palm tree tattoo on the back😍

1 Le Fashion Blog 13 Inspiring Delicate Tattoos Palm Tree Arm Via Jestem Kasia photo 1-Le-Fashion-Blog-13-Inspiring-Delicate-Tattoos-Palm-Tree-Arm-Via-Jestem-Kasia.jpg

Palm tree tattoo foot girl small cute sand beach sea

- PRETTY HENNA TATTOO DESIGN - Henna refers to the henna tree (Lawsonia inermis) or the dye prepared from the plant, which is used for cosmetic purposes. Traditional henna is drawn in delicate patterns on the palms and feet, but modern henna is applied in any sorts of designs anywhere on the body.

rising sun 25 Spectacular Palm Tree Tattoo Designs with a small ribbon around it with "God is Faithful" or "Hand of God"

I want flowers like this in with my wave/palm trees..... this tattoo idea is getting huge ahahha. But I love these watercolor flowers

No joke, I almost got a tattoo very similar to this when I worked at YNP. Only I didn't have the words or the circle, and I had a palmetto tree instead of pines. The river (which might just be a path in this one) would be replicating St. Clair, mountains representing YNP and the palms for South Carolina. All the places I have lived!

Small tattoos - the arrows and Palm tree are a good model for what I want

Palm tree tattoo

I would never get but this is a really pretty idea I loved that it's framed by the scroll and skull