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Paper Towel Rolls

Large, faux CHRISTMAS CANDY Decorations. This uses pool noodles. Could use paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls for smaller ones.

I'm gonna use wrapping paper or paper towel rolls for this. Toilet paper rolls sound a little gross :)

Wrapping Paper Roll Snowman Candles- Or could make with Paper Towel rolls as well.

Toilet paper roll/ paper towel roll Marble run. Did a variation of this with cub bear scouts as opening activity , using candy balls. Gave two teams a limited space to build in, and a minimum number of rolls they had to use (so they couldn't just make it go strait down). First team to get their ball into a cup at the bottom won. Turned out a little long for an opening activity, but worked.

Kids Crafts Supplies: use dough made from flour and water, instead of peanut butter, to hold birdseed onto toilet paper/paper towel rolls for diy birdfeeder. Much cheaper. [5/3/13]

Love this! I save TP and paper towel rolls for crafts for my church kids, and always wind up saving way more than we use. auntiekaykay

Hawaiian Crafts You Can Make With a Paper Towel Roll

Transform a paper towel roll into a telescope and learn real constellations with these cute printables!

TOP 17 PAPER TOWEL ROLL PROJECTS~ once you get to this website click on the button that reads, original source and it will give you further instructions for each project.

Napkin rings from paper towel rolls. Duh!

This is adorable! It's made with Toilet Paper and Paper Towel rolls! I'm going to make some for my wall! diy wall decor #crafts #recycling #homedecor Love that it has the frame around it! so much classier

things to do with cardboard tubes, e.g., paper towel roll tubes... for entertaining a 4-year-old

Family Bowling - a fun family activity where you are allowed to knock down your loved ones... and much easier than real bowling for little guys. Does your family like to bowl?

My very easy DIY jewelry holder - All it takes is paper towel rolls, a wooden base, scissors, and lots of hot glue. So cute for dorm rooms.

d.i.y. gift for him; date night arrows (attach a tag with a specified date idea printed on it to handmade skewer felt arrows in a gift wrapped paper towel roll to display as a bouquet of love arrows).

paper towel roll painting! Love this and would be great to do when making Rain Sticks instead of tissue paper then enclose whole thing in contact paper to keep while shaking rain stick.

Glue Gun designs on wooden dowels to make patterned rolling pins for play dough OR paint! Very neat and inexpensive~!

way to keep ribbons together...I've seen this before but never implemented the idea...Would work great in the craft/mad crazy room we call our basement :)