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Paper Towel Rolls

1. I started by cutting my toilet paper rolls into little sections, nothing scientific, I just eyeballed it. I also cut out a few branches from paper towel rolls. 2. I watered down my paint a little and painted the inside and out sides black. They got a little soggy but they stiffened back up as they dried. 3. When they were dry I took them to my wall and hung them up using sticky tack.

Clever homemade Hairpin #Crochet Loom using 2 knitting needles and a paper towel roll. I have a couple of Hairpin Crochet Looms, but this is a great way to make a custom sized one. For example, I 'd love to have one for lace weight threads.

Diaper baby bottle 30 pampers swaddlers size 1, and a wash cloth for the nipple. Ribbons and im sure something to stabalize the inside, maybe a paper towel roll or 2? I can so make this!

Fabric "paper" towel roll- DIY video tutorial by @CraftyGemini. Save money and paper. Eco-friendly beginner sewing project.

DIY Homemade organic baby wipes, makeup remover wipes, or cleaning wipes with bounty paper towel! -- Use a few drops of tea tree oil + distilled water (or at least boiled water) to prevent mold. For face wipes, add vitamin E... don't make more than 2 rolls at a time to prevent mold.

Rainbow Shakers. Paper towel roll 1C pasta, beans or rice, duct tape for the ends and let kids paint. (IF I don't have enough bottles saved)

Tape Storage - Much better idea than the paper-towel style holders I'm using now. On mine, the roll I need is always in the middle - not handy!

How To: Make a Diaper Cake Centerpiece | Our Best Bites

Toilet paper roll cross...I collect crosses to hang on the wall, and a solid neutral color cross would be gorgeous with my collection!

Tutorial to make these containers from scrap booking paper. Fill with after dinner mints, wrap twine around the top of them (loosely) with a paper tag maybe saying what kind of treat is in them.

We had rain for about a week, but now it's gone. To fill the void of the soothing rain, how about create your own rhythm? Take some old paper towel rolls and tape the ends shut after putting some rice inside. Then let your kids decorate the outsides however they'd like!

Paper towel and toilet paper roll crafts. I've been collecting rolls ever since I saw this!

When my Grandma was moving out of her last apartment and in with my father, I found a ton of empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls shoved into (and behind) one of her drawers - and when I say a ton, I mean an entire garbage bag full - and of course I threw them out. Now seeing this I am a little bit remorseful. Don't tell grandma.

Cut 2 paper plates into 3 triangular pieces and paint green. Paint a paper towel roll brown. Cut slits in it about 1/3 of the way up on one end. Spread and tape to another paper plate. Glue tree pieces together and decorate with button,gems,sequins or paper dots. Add a star at the top and glue onto the paper towel roll.