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Pattern Drawing

Wisket-Tangle Pattern by molossus, who says Life Imitates Doodles, via Flickr

VA homework assignment: practice sketching cups and dishes, good practice in observation drawing and color theory.

Pattern-drawing pattern. It's like a meditation/prayer for me.

windubigpap PAP para desenhar meu novo padrão WINDU. Steps to draw WINDU, my new tangle pattern.

Mushroom Hunters | Vikki Chu, this illustration has whimsical features in its detail, by reviewing the colour wheel it is obvious of the complimenting colours in this design. The dark turquoise and bright yellow demonstrate a strong colour relationship and strong quirky design

Teardrop Drawing. Online support covering all aspects of applying to art college. www.portfolio-oom...

Looks like the drawings I used to do with lined school paper ...

Zentangle pattern Coil ..... Love this. I used to draw something similar around the lines on spiral paper in school lol

Fatpaper I love this pattern and it's beginning to show up in nearly every ZT I draw now. ^O^ Suggested variation: Make the paper ends different shapes: round, scalloped, v-shaped, etc. I don't shade my ZTs but if you shade Fatpaper, it'll look fabulous. I think. ^_^

write on- pattern using line, shape and could with color too. pencil doodle pattern, draw pencil

Liberty of London print. Gorgeous !

Tore-Up. This gives me the idea to create an opening on a drawing or photo and construct an intriguing inner "world". Sort of like the wizard behind the curtain in the wizard of oz movie.

by @Tanya Brown, great colors, would love for the students to create a painting and then draw a simple pattern over it with a colorful sharpie maybe.

#15DayDrawingChallenge - HE CHALLENGE! Draw these things: 1. a pattern 2. an animal 3. your favorite thing to wear 4. something you found on the ground outside 5. recipe instructions 6. a word 7. an insect 8. a cross section 9. an animal doing something only humans can do 10. something in a jar 11. a diagram 12. something you’re afraid of 13. a plant 14. your favorite food 15. something microscopic

Sabal-tangle pattern by molossus, who says Life Imitates Doodles, via Flickr

by kirsten mccrea

Archival print of a drawing on the page of a vintage botany book. Jennifer Judd-Mcgee

Striking Black & White SImplistic patterns! Blockwork Black open edition A3 giclee print by EloiseRenouf