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Pattern Drawing

1. Draw small squares in a section. 2. Draw squares in evenly spaced rows. 3. Connect the squares with lines - one left, one right, etc. 4. Connect the squares in the other direction to make the warp and weft pattern.

Drawing project idea: draw animal and fill in background with patterns. Study in positive / negative space. (no link)

I have added some new and interesting patterns to my Tangle. This is turning out to be a pretty fun little project. I am thinking about doing a whole book of these just for the fun of it. Background Music Loop used with permission from www.partnersinrhy...

since we can't afford a full sized handmade rug like this, we could at least design our own and frame the drawings as artwork for the walls...

Striking Black & White SImplistic patterns! Blockwork Black open edition A3 giclee print by EloiseRenouf

Every child in the school used an allocated colour to draw three images or patterns. Staff and parents constructed ‘The Tree of Life’ using these drawings. The colours depicted the ever-changing colour spectrum of our lives.

Untitled 2011 (Artist?) Could interpret for a black/white portrait drawing with beginners... contour plus pattern... love the close up... glue on black paper background/border

Heather Galler. Idea for using pattern and giving specific things to draw?

How to draw 4 CORNERS « - nice Pacific-like patterns

Ink drawing owl art...this is the kind of stuff that really excites me! I must ALWAYS have markers and paper near me...especially near my bed! I wake up and draw sometimes... A pattern or picture from a dream, etc!

I used to draw something like this when I was younger, but it was a dog...this is so much cooler!

Take a line for a walk - 4th or 5th. Start with sharpie, drawing areas to fill with color/pattern - talk about contrast, how it makes things pop. Implied form (value/space) vs real form (physically 3D). Cut out and paste so it sticks out, radiate lines outward, wandering, concentric, etc.

how to draw bohemian flowers | how to draw : flowers patterns

Valkyrie Maiden", right [MMX Mixed Media] The Valkyries were the daughters of Odin from Norse mytholgy who would collect the dead from the battlefields. This illustration is from the Ring Cycle from Norse Mythology which was used as the pattern for the Lord of the Rings.

Fall- Words, Shapes, and Patterns. My 5th graders did these for the first fall art lesson using colored pencil. Draw shape on 9" x 12" paper, fill it with the word label, use color and patterns to fill in. Used words like: bat, cat , pumpkin, witch, candy corn, pumpkin pie, acorn, leaf, any fall words will do.

write on- pattern using line, shape and could with color too. pencil doodle pattern, draw pencil

illustration, art, line drawing, black, white, blue, flower, pattern, design,

lines and patterns...I made a similar poster for the kids' school room. It was fun to make and I learned some new drawing skills.