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Phonics Games

A fun way to practice reading words based on a given phonics skill. In this set of games, students practice short vowel words. The reading/language...

Phonics worksheets for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade teachers, free printable worksheets, printable phonics workbooks, and online phonics games for kids from Fun!

At turtlediary, child experts and educators design interactive online games for kids. Our learning games for kids help in building skills needed for success in school. While playing our fun educational games, kids learn to read with phonics, build skills in math, language, social studies, science and much more. Our educational videos encourage children to keep learning, even after school hours.

A fun way to practice reading words based on a given phonics skill. In this set of games, students practice long vowel words. The reading/language ...

Slap Words Literacy Game Could be used for so many different word groups--vocabulary, phonics, spelling, math, or alphabet, etc.!

84 puzzles = 252 puzzle pieces! CVC, CVCC and CCVC Word Puzzles - Phonics Game

Phonics Letter of the Week Bb {FREE}. A HUGE unit (81 pages) with all that you need for a letter of the curriculum: includes 26 games, activities and worksheets.

file folder game to go with No More Letter of the Week Children will use PVC pipe phonics phone to point to a sound card and make letter sound.

6 Word Work Games to go with ANY WORD LIST RF.K.2, RF.K.3, RF.1.2, RF.1.3, RF.2.3, RF.3.3 6 Word Work Games to go with ANY WORD LIST... I use these same games all year long with all of my word study spelling lists. Word work, phonics, spelling, whatever you call it-- This game will help! Practice reading and spelling words with these games! Includes student picture directions

Water Balloons for literacy and phonics teaching! Try writing the sound you are working on the balloon. Draw a chalk target on the concrete, or a fence, and after the child names the letters and says the corresponding sound, let them have a throw at the target! Most children begin to develop sound - symbol correspondence long before formal teaching at school, so start when your child is interested, but they should be able to fluently name single letter sounds by 6 years of age!

Learn With Homer ($0.00) designed by literacy experts for children ages 3–6. A complete step-by-step learn to read program, not just edutainment. Fun and rigorous phonics lessons. Beautifully illustrated stories, rhymes, games, and more.

~ Have not checked link. Re: pic - redo as individual cards, spread out and make words with a beginning, middle, and ending card. ~ 20 Fun Phonics Games & Activities | Spoonful- good idea for word work with multi syllabic words

Hands-on math statements. For the price of a box of craft sticks and some different colored permanent markers the possibilities are endless: spelling words, phonics, sight words, latin. Turn then lengthwise and use them for complete words to make your own a complete a sentence game. I love practical, flexible, and inexpensive!

Walk the Word Phonics Game! A gross motor game that teaches kids to segment and blend sounds. Great activity for active kids who are learning to read!

Come read this blog to learn about this free, fun blending game. Learning Specialist and Teacher Materials - Good Sensory Learning: Learning Center Ideas: Free, Fun Phonics Activities

Jumping Bean Phonics Fun with my big girl! I should add that I plan on making only the first letter an uppercase.

Free! Quack! Go Back! Game is an open-ended board game fun to play while working on any targeted skill. It comes with 20 of my Final /k/ Articulation Cards for articulation, phonological awareness, phonics or rhyming practice