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Phonics Games

Best phonics game ever!

Sale on 12/2 to 12/3! Use the code CYBER to get an extra % off! CVC, CVCC and CCVC Word Puzzles - Phonics Game.

A team building phonics activity - free letter download (Rulin' The Roost)

candy corn alphabet. phonics game with free printables!

Phonics #1 This is such a great idea for teaching and practicing phonics! You simply take McDonalds fry containers and paint popsicle sticks yellow to represent fries. Then you simply have the students put the fries into the correct container. It is a lot of fun for students and they look really cool in your classroom.

Space Race Word Maker Silent e Phonics Game – ace, ave, age, aze, ape, ale Words - Silent e Phonics Games from Games 4 Learning contains 10 printable Silent e Phonics Board Games. $

Sparkles, Smiles, and Successful Students: FREE phonics game with cards for multiple uses!

Phonics Game Idea: Monster Munch. Made my own monster out of construction paper and an envelope. Students will take turns sticking letters in.

How to Make a Word Family Bottlecap Game...since Christian has taken to collecting these, might as well make a learning experience out of it!

Phonics Game Silent e FREEBIE is a Word Maker Board Game from Games 4 Learning

Starfall phonics games for SMARTBoard | Choose the sound combinations that you are working on in class!

20 Fun Phonics Games & Activities | Spoonful- good idea for word work with multi syllabic words

Walk the Word Phonics Game! A gross motor game that teaches kids to segment and blend sounds. Great activity for active kids who are learning to read!

Starting to Read: It’s Playtime Fun with Phonics. This week’s round-up collection features phonics activities for kids who are just starting to read. Come on over and link up! This looks good for the girls!!

Phonics worksheets for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade teachers, free printable worksheets, printable phonics workbooks, and online phonics games for kids from Fun!

R Controlled Vowels Phonics Games from Games 4 Learning contains 10 printable ar, er, ir, or and ur Phonics Board Games. $

FREEBIE Phonics Game CVC Freebie is a Word Maker Board Game from Games 4 Learning