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Polish Tattoos

Kamil Czapiga Polish Tattoo Artist 10

I love my Tattoo. I got t after my mother passed away. Its written in polish and It reads " under your protection"

My Irish/Italian heritage tattoo. I wonder how to incorporate Polish/Italian

I should get a Nail polish tattoo lol.

(apparently I share a name with a Polish tattoo artist. sweet.) Done at Ania Tattoo by Ania in Krakow, Poland.  :]

Seriously Saturated: Black Ink Tattoos by Kamil Czapiga

Polish artist Paul Marcinkowski has turned his body into a walking infographic. All in the name of art, of course. The tattoo features a number of trivial, and not so trvial facts: including that 45 million Americans have tattoos.

Polish tattoo artist Lukasz Bam Kaczmarek working out of Kult Tattoo Fest, who you can find online at

Kamil Czapiga, stunning Polish tattoo artist. Growing beards and brains: can't go wrong with that :)

So fucking cool! Polish artist Paul Marcinkowski tattooed an infographic about tattoos on his neck, arms and torso as a school project, putting the rest of us who consider ourselves passionate about either tattoos or data visualization to shame.

Black gray roses/sleeve tattoo. Want my inner arm quote to say "The gem cannot be polished without friction nor man without trials." Thanks Mr. Confucius :)

Love this tattoo!!! I want it. There is a legend of a sea turtle, Kailua, who could turn into the form of a girl. In human form, she would look after the children playing on Punalu’u Beach. Her mother, Honu-po'o-kea, some deemed supernatural, she dug a hole to lay a brown egg which was as beautifully, smoothly polished as Kailua wood. The egg hatched into Kailua @ she would turn herself into the form of a girl and in this form, would keep a careful eye on the children playing by the ocean.

Polish tattooist Marcin Aleksander Surowiec has mastered the art of neo traditional tattoos, seamlessly melding figural and abstract elements in a dazzling array of colors.

traditional tattoo...omg I love this, but instead of a lip stick I'd do nail polish ...I'm a nail polish girl.

Polish tatt artist Kamil Czapiga from Katowice makes use of the neo-Impressionist pointillism technique of using tiny dots of pure colors to craft stark, crisp tattoos that blend tribal mythology and timeless geometry most holistically. Wow.

Spilled nail polish tattoo. #tattoos #tattoo #ink ... One day I will have this tattooed but it will have the label of my nail polish line!

Well that is the sweetest little purple bow tattoo....especially with the purple toe nail polish! Love it!

Polish tattooist Marcin Aleksander Surowiec has mastered the art of neo traditional tattoos, seamlessly melding figural and abstract elements in a dazzling array of colors.

love amanda's new tattoo: foot tattoo, polish for i love you

I definitely think that I'm more of a small and simple tattoo like this, also like a cross down the finger, or a music note on the side of my palm.