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Prom Asking

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15 more creative ways to get asked to prom!

Ballsy. | 24 Creative Ways To Ask Someone To Prom if someone used number 18 on me, I would not only go to prom with them, I would marry them!

Here's one for the volleyball fanatic. cute way to be asked to prom

25 creative ways to get asked to prom or homecoming<<< this should be how Niall is asked lol>>>> I would definitely say yes if someone asked me like this:)

cute+ways+to+ask+a+girl+to+prom | ... What a cheap and colorful way to ask someone to the prom, using chalk

How to ask a date to prom

I would love to be asked to prom like this:)❤️

Cutest prom proposal idea|| simple to do girl asks guy

How to get asked to prom properly...OMG YASSSS

If I was asked to prom with Starbucks I'd be one happy girl lol

Ask to prom: note in a balloon! this is cute. it would also work for a proposal. then you could "pop" the question. hehehe that was so corny lol

Best Prom proposal ever! Im just saying that this is my favorite. Simply because I have been asking for a ring. Even though we arent baseball people.

This is so cute. No more prom for me but this would be a cute way to be asked out on a date or something haha :)

Message in a bottle to ask that special someone to prom. How cute!

Fun, easy, and a very simple way to ask someone to prom! "I do-nut want to go to prom with anyone but you!"

To one of my favourite Musketeer... I'm not playing any twix on you... So will you be a sweetart and go to homecoming with me.. No many more cute ways to ask some to prom or homecoming!

I want to be asked to prom like this.

In our neighbors yard this morning. What a creative way to ask someone to homecoming!! (or prom, etc.)

Another idea for asking a girl to Homecoming/Prom. The fishbowl is filled with Goldfish Crackers and Swedish Fish. We made the fishing pole out of a sword glow-stick, fishing wire, and a fashioned paper clip with a large gummy fish on the hook. The name of the person asking is on a piece of paper attached to the gummy fish. The note on the bowl reads, "Of all the Fish in the Sea, I hope you'll go to Homecoming with Me"

Great way to ask that sweet country guy/gal to prom or anything for that matter!

Cutest country ways to be asked to prom

The perfect way for someone to ask me to prom

Cute way to ask a girl to prom! or have her date hidden with even more balloons

See How Kids These Days Are Asking Dates to Prom: Source: Instagram User steffy_ann